Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Today my youngest was sick and stayed home from school. We spent the day together building a Lego structure, reading books and poems, taking a nap and then watching a movie.

We watched Vanishing of the Bees. You can watch the trailer here.  Released in 2009 it has been around a while but if you haven't watched it I highly recommend it. It is about the declining honeybee population and discusses Colony Collapse Disorder.

After watching the movie my son was feeling a little better so we took a walk in the garden to get some fresh air and sunshine and check on our pollinators. And indeed they were busy pollinating. 

This bumble bee liked the asters

and, this little honeybee had himself so far into the bloom we thought he was going to get stuck. He almost looks like he is part of the stigma. 

But, alas he crawled his way out backwards to buzz off to another bloom.

This wasp was busy on the aster only later to...

...attack this honeybee. Can you see the two in the photo?

Here is another angle. 
As far as we could tell the honeybee survived.

I am thankful for all the pollinators that are still enthusiastically working in my garden.
And, I am thankful that my son is feeling better. It looks like he will be going to school tomorrow.


  1. my youngest stayed home from school sick today, too. we didn't get out in the garden together, but i noticed when i took the dog out that the pollinators are still busy. i'll have to check out that movie. i love your photos.

  2. Życzę Twojemu synowi powrotu do zdrowia :-).Tobie, żebyś te wszystkie fruwające owady jak najdłużej tego roku oglądała. Pozdrawiam

  3. I love those photos of pollinators! I hope your son feels much better tomorrow. Those magical moments with your kids--even when they're sick--are some of the best of life.

  4. So blessed to enjoy these beautiful moments with your son. Do hope he is feeling better ... I would say a sharing day in the garden with you was the perfect medicine!

  5. So glad to hear your son is feeling better, Karin. Time spent observing the happenings in the garden with my kids are some of my happiest memories. I really hope and do believe that they will have a love for nature. Sounds like your sweet boy will too!

  6. Coincidentally, my kids are ill and staying at home too. They should be back to school by tomorrow.

    Pollinators are a very much welcomed sight in the garden. :)

  7. How wonderful to share this with your pollinators are underground although I may see one with the warm weather..I spied a dragonfly the other day

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes! My son is feeling better today, still coughing but well enough to want to go to school and fortunately, it is a early release day.

  9. I had read that wasps will attack bees but had never seen that before. Your photos are always captivating! I'm so glad to be back reading garden blogs!

  10. Pollinators are a fabulous reason to be thankful! Sheila is right, some wasps do attack bees. We lost an entire hive to wasps this fall :(


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