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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 5

This morning my garden helpers decided they needed to get some serious exercise. 

This is Biscuit. He is training for his next Marathon.

This is Sasha.
She is the hunter and has a very curious nose.
She loves to explore the woodland garden.
Today she found a lost tennis ball. What a prize!

Of course that started the game of chase (a little sibling rivalry). 
And after much racing around they decided to take a break and chew on some sticks.

They had a great time!

I am thankful for these wonderful companions and garden helpers!


  1. They do look like good helpers, Karin... and wonderful companions.

  2. Spacer pieski miały wspaniały, a Ty też pewno się bawiłaś z nimi. Ja mam tylko jednego kochanego pomocnika. Pozdrawiam

  3. Isn't it amazing the simple life pleasures they could we not be grateful for these wonderful family members!!

  4. How sweet! They look so happy. I bet they are thankful they have such a great human companion and such a great yard to play in!

    BTW, I don't have any dogs now, but today I posted about a past doggie companion of my own!

  5. They are so adorable and seem so excited to be out in the crisp autumn air. I have two feline children, Simba and Sasha....

  6. Aww, nothing like garden companions to keep things fun! They are sweet!

  7. Your companions are both so beautiful! I love dogs, such great friends, aren't they?

  8. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Your marathon runner and your hunter gatherer both look so happy running through the fall leaves. I agree that dogs make wonderful gardening companions.

  9. What great dogs! It definitely looks like fall with all of your colorful, pretty leaves.:) Do you compost?

  10. Amy, absolutely! We have a large composting area and we also mulch a lot of the leaves with the mower so they don't blow back all over the yard. We have LOTS of leaves! It is amazing when we recycle and compost how little garbage we actually have.

  11. Oh how wonderful! I too am grateful for my wonderful gardening companions.

  12. The last time I saw them they were puppies!! I posted about two of my dogs, too. :o) Sasha and Biscuit look like a lot of fun. Do yours stay out of your garden?

  13. CM, they are pretty good about not going in the gardens. Fortunately they haven't done too much damage to plants. Sasha is crazy for the voles and is digging trenches trying to get to them. She also has a thing for the chipmunks. She has come very close to catching them. Biscuit could care less, he is all about the food! He is more interested in the compost bin. The other day I caught him eating a raw potato. Can you believe they are a year old already...time flies!


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