Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 16

As a Master Gardener I have the distinct privilege of teaching children about gardening through the Junior Master Gardener program. I have two groups of 3rd graders (at a Title I school) that I teach (in a volunteer capacity...I am not a teacher by profession) every week as part of their curriculum. I weave in science, math, art, nutrition and life skills into the gardening lessons. Periodically, I also teach groups of children about 'gardening for pollinators' at a local educational garden supported by my Master Gardener group and I go into other area schools to speak about gardening.

This week I spoke to a group of 2nd graders about gardening with a focus on color and texture in the landscape. It was tied to a book they just finished reading called The Chalk Box Kid where the main character of the story creates an imaginary garden.

To complete the gardening lesson and tie it in with art and creative thinking I planned a hands on project using color. They used Q-tips with paint to create a colorful tree and other plants and insects they may find in nature.

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to pass along my passion for gardening and the environment through my volunteer work. My hope is to create an interest in gardening, appreciation and respect for the environment with these children. If one child grows up to be a gardener I have accomplished my goal.


  1. That picture is so cute. That's great that you do so much in the classroom to teach about the love of nature and gardening. I bet the kids love it.

  2. Karin I am an educator and I would say you may have missed your calling...this is wonderful what you are doing...I would love to have done this but I moved schools before I could. I hope to connect with a school in my new district to help them with their garden...

  3. We too have a program like that in our Master Gardener's group. I never did participate, but did the judging for the kids in their contests. It is wonderful to touch them at such a young age.

  4. Thanks Amy! The kids enjoy it, especially since most of it is hands on learning.

    Donna, I had an opportunity to teach right out of college but I was wanted a more international career at the time. Of course, years later I discovered teaching and love it. However, I like that I can volunteer and do hands on learning and am not beholden to standards, testing, and all the bureaucracy that teachers have to deal with nowadays. I can just teach. I admire teachers and their stamina. I hope you find a garden in your new district. I haven't meet a child yet that doesn't enjoy it.

    GWGT, that is the great thing about MG groups...there is something for everyone in terms of volunteer opportunities. I love kids art. They have such creative little minds.


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