Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 15 & W4W

This is the time of year when blooms begin to fade and the leaves are falling from the trees revealing the structural elements in my garden. My eyes are now drawn to some of the underlying features that are often overlooked at other times of year when our eyes are more drawn to the showy flowers or fascinating foliage. Today I am joining Garden Walk Garden Talk for Word for Wednesday. Today's words are Texture and Pattern.

As I look to nature I find interesting textures and patterns in the fungi growing on the decaying stumps

Grasses also provide interesting structure and texture

Another element that provides interest in the landscape
is the bark like this dogwood

or this river birch

Looking even further to the ground the vast variety of ground covers  such as mulch, pine straw, gravel, pebbles, rocks or soils provide another form of contrast

The foliage of the lamb's ear has great texture, especially for kids, 
who like the softness of the leaves.

The variety of ferns provide texture and patterns throughout the woodland garden

Succulents give great texture particularly those that change color during the winter months like this Dragon's Blood Sedum

or Angelina Sedum

Sedum and cacti also provide great texture
with their structure 

as well as interesting patterns.

The wildlife  in my garden also presents itself with some interesting patterns and textures such as the bumpy skin of this toad, 

The scales on this anole,

the skin from a rat snake,

the wings of a dragonfly,

and the soft tail of the squirrel

What type of texture and patterns do you find in your garden? Link over to Garden Walk Garden Talk to take a look at other interpretations.
~ Thankfulness Thought of the Day ~ 

I am thankful for all the diversity Nature has to offer. The textures, patterns, structure and contrast provide elements of surprise, interest to our eyes, range in the landscape and most importantly diversity.
After all variety is the spice of life.


  1. You really found a variety of texture in your pretty images, but I had to ROTFL when I saw the squirrel tail. Now that is original. And I bet it is soft too. Thanks for the morning laugh!

  2. Who would have thought a squirrel's behind could be beautiful?!

  3. Agreed! The squirrel is funny! Too cute ;) The first photo under pattern is enticing! It makes me want to make a mosaic using it as a pattern! Beautiful.

  4. Karin it certainly is a great time in the garden to look beneath the blooms and see the textures...I love toads especially because of their texture...wonderful post!!

  5. aloha,

    i love the macro studies, thanks for sharing these.

  6. What a variety you have! The acorn is so cute, the dragonfly wings are so pretty, and the succulents are so interesting, but it is definitely the squirrel tail that takes the cake!

  7. Your photos are wonderful, but I love the cacti patterns the best. The look like a woven fabric to me. Great textures, and great patterns!

  8. My goodness, you've managed to capture so many different textures in your garden. I love the mushrooms with their shapes and patterns but the bark was really cool too. The close up of the dogwood is quite amazing.

  9. I love the squirrel tail, too! I had a shot of my cat's fur that I was tempted to include in my post, but it had nothing to do with my garden. The texture sure is interesting, though. Happy Word 4 Wednesday!

  10. Amazing textures and patterns you found and captured, Karin ! I was starting to pick a few out as favorites, then gave up - there were so many !

    Also loved the colors you captured in your previous post - beautiful ! I can see you get at least a couple of extra months of garden time, judging by your asters - ours (up north) disappeared many weeks ago.

  11. Talk of having varieties of texture and patterns, you got them all. Everything has its own beauty there, but that slender cactus certainly i still haven't seen! so thank you.

  12. What a fabulous array of images, I particularly love the funky fungi!

  13. Your textures are stunning... a delightful read! That squirrel has a fabulous back end.

  14. So many beautiful interpretations of texture and pattern in this post. I love the ferns, and the sedums, things we take for granted far too often. And that squirrel tail-oh how fluffy!

  15. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    I am glad that someone else has a lot of pictures in their post. It is hard to choose images when there are so many beautiful examples in nature, isn't it? You have an amazing assortment of photographs here. I love the detail of the dragonfly wing and the drama of rat snake's skin especially.


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