Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 26

The Indian Hawthorne shrubs around our home are full of pomes (fruit). They are a good source of food for birds, especially during the winter months. 

We have five shrubs so it looks as if there will be plenty to go around.
I am grateful that they produced an abundance of tasty blue pomes (note: should not be consumed by humans) since most birds only eat about 25% of their daily food from feeders during the winter .

*  *  *  T I P * * *
I don't normally shop at big box stores but yesterday I was at Lowe's and discovered that they have rolled out a nationwide recycling program  (read more here) for plastic pots, trays, tags and hanging baskets regardless of condition or place of purchase. This is a great initiative  especially since many curbside recycling programs don't accept these items. Please help spread the word so that we can keep these out of our landfills. 


  1. To dobrze, że tak pięknie zaowocowały, bo ptaki będą miały jedzonko zimą. Pozdrawiam

  2. Good to hear about the recycling program. I will definitely use it. Thanks, Greg.

  3. Excellent, thanks so much for the tip about the recycling program. A local nurseryman was saying that the materials are also harder to come by and more expensive for making the plastic pots. This should help.

    Can you believe we're almost done with the challenge? How have you found it to be? I think I'm going to miss it! :)

  4. Cat, perhaps that is what motivated Lowe's to start recycling...the 30 days have gone by more slowly since I have made an effort to stop and treasure the various finds each day. I have really enjoyed this challenge! I will post about our "tree of thanks" before it is over. It was a great exercise for the kids so for the season of giving my family will be creating a Christmas chain...whenever a family member completes a good deed he or she writes it down on a strip of paper and adds it to the chain. We will see how long it gets by Christmas.

  5. Great shots of the Hawthorne fruits! Thanks for the info about the Lowe's initiative--I'll check it out.

  6. I saw your post on FB and was so excited to learn this...will remember to drop off what I don't use...I love berry laden bushes....

  7. The fruit is really a nice feature on this plant. Any berry bush loved by birds is a okay with me!


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