Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Today I am thankful for the butterflies that are still fluttering around my garden.
 Like this Question Mark that was basking in the sun on the stone wall trying to warm up her wings this morning.

She is a true woodland butterfly feeding on tree sap, rotting fruit and other decaying organic matter. They rarely visit flowers.

I think she blends in beautifully with the fall leaves.


  1. I had one of these beauties in early spring. Just gorgeous.

  2. Pięknie wygląda na tle liści. Widziałam kilka dni temu, właśnie takiego motylka na gnijących jabłkach leżących pod drzewem .Myślałam, że to dlatego, że mało jest już kwiatów.Teraz już wiem, że one wolą jabłka od kwiatów i dziękuję. Pozdrawiam

  3. So pretty in images and a nice thought.

  4. She's really beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen one in my garden. Maybe they'll show up if I add fruit to my platform feeder. Hmmm.... :o)

  5. I've not seen this one before, Karin. It is beautiful. Amazing that they are adapted to feed on leaf litter and sap. I'm always learning when I visit your blog!

  6. Donna, aren't we blessed to have these butterflies flutter through our lives!

    Giga, indeed some butterflies live mostly on rotting fruit and organic matter.

    Thanks GWGT!

    CM, absolutely, I often cut up the pumpkins from Halloween and set them out for these types of butterflies to feed on.

    Thanks Cat! I have an open compost bin and I think it helps attract these types of butterflies with the rotting fruit.

  7. Wow that comma is so beautiful. I haven't seen one with vivid color yet, but i already saw a dark brown. Too bad the wings of your comma are already torn, maybe its days are already numbered.

  8. Andrea, even more reason I wanted to enjoy her visit. However, butterflies are very resilient creatures and this is one of the few butterflies that will overwinter as an adult so one never knows. I hope she survives.


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