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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Webs of Morning Dew

The fog is thick this morning. The birds are just rising, their song bringing life to the day. Dew lays gently across the fields glistening in the first light. A fleeting glance around the pastures reveal that the orb spiders were busy during the night weaving glorious webs.

In the dense fog it is hard to make out all the silk spun webs but they are everywhere. It is astounding how many there are.  Hanging between the openings of the barbed wire fences, among the blades of tall meadow grass, between the limbs of the trees. All waiting to snag an unsuspecting insect.

The webs hold onto the night's dew droplets mimicking grand crystal chandeliers.

Some droplets so heavy they rip the fine threads as they fall almost like rain.

The bead-like chains are nature's masterpiece and a sweet reward for being an early riser.

As the sun rises higher and begins to evaporate the dew, the webs seem to disappear almost as quickly as they were revealed. Time for some more coffee.