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A Profusion of Pink | An Early Spring Walk in the Woods

I'm obsessed with Eastern redbud trees ( Cercis canadensis ). Their lavender-pink flowers are unmistakeable, emerging in early March in our Piedmont region. The blooms pop before the leaves emerge, allowing the bold pink to light up the bare branches. Driving around town, it warms my heart to see how many redbud trees are growing along the roadside where land remains [yet] undisturbed.  Our spring mornings typically start cool but warm up as the day unfolds. Afternoon walks in the woods are a must to clear the winter cobwebs and inspire the heart. The skies tend to be an electric blue on clear days, allowing the flowers to really sparkle. As an understory tree, they take advantage of the sunshine that's allowed to reach the lower forest layers in early spring. The tall hardwood trees are just beginning to leaf out in our area, making the redbuds the star of the woodland forest. I didn't get a photo, but the pink redbud flowers also look stunning against the marcescent leave

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