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Monday, January 20, 2020

What's hiding in the winter landscape?

There is a certain calmness that the winter landscape provides in Georgia with the warm tones and soft neutrals of the leaf palette. It creates a harmonious mood that is easy to embrace.

Looking out the window today to observe the garden, I spotted some movement in the landscape. At first it was difficult to make out, but once my eyes focused on one of the birds it became very clear.

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How many doves do you see?
The muted tones of the mourning dove blend well with the brown hues of the assorted leaves. Their camouflage grants them protection in open ground, where they often fall prey to hawks. 

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Snuggled in the leaves under the additional protection of a chokeberry shrub, where shadows created patterns that could confused predators, the doves were still. Feeling confident, they soaked in the sun to warm up on this cold winter day. The occassional flutter of a wing or fluffing of the feathers created just enough movement to catch the eye. 

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It's these simple observations that make me feel connected to the outdoors; especially on cold days when I don't wander the garden. Do you find connections with your garden in every season?