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The Last of the Fall Foliage

This week I am enjoying the last of our fall garden. The foliage this year has been breathtaking. The right amount of rain, sunshine and temperatures came together to create a magnificent display of color. Nightime lows are expected to dip into the thirties, so I expect this will be the end of the fall garden. Still blooming are two late flowering asters, Symphyotrichum concolor and Ampelaster carolinianus.  Eastern Silver Aster ( Symphyotrichm concolor ) This winsome wildflower is a good nectar source for many butterflies. I am seeing mostly smaller butterflies, such as skippers and common buckeyes on sunny days.  Climbing aster ( Ampelaster carolinianus ) The Ampelaster carolinianus  grows in our hedgerow between a ninebark shrub and Eastern redbud tree. Although it has a trellis as support, it often mingles with the adjasent plants. The thickness of this sprawling herbacious perennial provides us with much needed privacy late in the season while we still enjoy outdoor living on bea

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