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Magic of Early Spring

It has been a turbulent start to spring with late frosts, cold winds, heavy rains and fluctuating temperatures. But when the garden decides to awaken, I am ready to rejoice in all its glory. I adore this time of year when the quiet muted hues of the winter landscape come alive with color. It is such a magical time watching the flowers unfurl and seeing the insects emerge from winter slumber.  Today, I am sharing our garden beds surrounding our back patio that look onto the woodland gardens. It is a combination of full sun and part shade, where the mature oaks provide filtered light to the understory trees and shrubs.  Red chokeberry ( Aronia arbutifolia ) with its clusters of white flowers is located immediately off the patio at the bottom of a sloped terrain. I so enjoy the blooms while relaxing in my chair and watching all the bee and butterfly activity. I love how bees hug the petals and dive right in to reach the nectar. The honey scented flowers of Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy' a

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