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Wildflower Wednesday: Lobelia cardinalis

Cardinal flower ( Lobelia cardinalis ) is still blooming as we move through September so it is this month's Wildflower Wednesday featured native plant. It has been raining for days here so it has been a challenge to get photos for this post but running out between showers allowed me to snap a few. In addition to the many plants that support hummers we also put up feeders during this busy time so that the hummingbirds can fuel up and not spend all their energy fighting over food sources Ruby throated hummingbirds are at their peak numbers in September. The RTH that spent their summer north of us join those that stay in Georgia during their breeding season. It is not unusual for us to have 40-60 hummingbirds zooming around our property at this time.  Over the years we have included more fall blooming plants to support migrating pollinators because they need the carbs for their journey. If you don't already have a plethera of fall flowers be sure to add natives such as asters, gol

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