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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 20

I am thankful to start the Thanksgiving week with a quiet Monday morning. Kids are sleeping in and we don't have to rush around getting ready for school. 


Looking forward to a week spent with family and friends.


  1. Just looking at those flowers makes me happy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  2. Me too. It is nice not to have to rush around this morning. Pretty flowers. :)

  3. Those blooms seem to shout...Yippee! So envious... school Monday and Tuesday here.

  4. Widać radość nawet w kolorowych kwiatach. Pozdrawiam

  5. Your so lucky to have the whole week off!! We have school through Wed. Grr...!!! Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Beautiful photos! Have fun with your kids... time to make some memories!


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