Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 12

During the colder winter months the garden is rather quiet, taking a much needed rest. My feathered friends bring much needed color and movement during this time. This week my husband and I created a new feeding station in the woodland garden.

My husband put up a 4 x 4 post and secured it  in place with cement. I stained the post a blue color to add a little whimsy. Adding a fence post cap, plant hooks and a squirrel baffle (the squirrels will otherwise hog all the food and not leave any for the birds) completed the feeding station. 

We are now ready to welcome more birds to our garden this winter and keep them well feed so that they can use that energy to stay warm. 

I am thankful for all our feathered friends that call our garden home.


  1. Now that is a cool feeding does this baffle work...our squirrels would somehow figure a way around the ones I had...

  2. The blue is fun, Karin! You'll enjoy all the birds this brings in and we'll get to enjoy your photos!

  3. Thanks Donna, this baffle will prevent them from climbing up the post and we positioned it far enough away from any tree so they couldn't jump. If they are clever enough to figure out another way to get to the feeders I'll let them eat the seeds, LOL! Squirrels are pretty resourceful when it comes to food especially in the winter.

    Cat, blue is my favorite color so I couldn't resist. I am looking forward to seeing even more birds this winter and hopefully with more feeders and variety of seeds I'll see more diversity too.

  4. Nice transformation of a 4x4 into a functional work of art ! I hope your bird friends appreciate the effort ! And I hope your squirrels aren't all that smart ;-)

  5. That is so cute!! I love the blue color. The birds at that feeder will really pop this winter when everything looks so blah. Great idea!

  6. What a great idea! And like everyone else, I love the blue.

  7. Love that!! I have a bird house on a plain square post that I've been thinking of doing something to make the post more interesting. You've inspired me :-)


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