Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 29

As November is the month for giving thanks  this year at our house we created a Thankful Tree. The idea is to write notes of thankfulness and hang them as reminders of our grateful hearts.

Since I have been posting daily this month of things that I am thankful for I thought I would share some of the notes my children added to our tree:

Family, Friends, Home, Our Garden, Nature, Books, Camera, Health, Clemson, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Holidays, Frogs, Snakes, Our Dogs, Prehistoric Animals, Walking in the Woods, Maps, Drawing, Architecture, Movies, Legos, Arts & Crafts Wednesdays, Founding Fathers, Junior Master Gardeners, Board Games, K'nex, Birds, Climbing Trees, Soccer, Challenge Class, Armed Forces, Our teachers, Family time, Swimming, Traveling, and Game Night.

This activity was a great way for my children to think about all the special people and things in their lives and appreciate all they have. Since they enjoyed this so much, for the month of December we will be creating a Christmas chain. Each time a member of the family completes a good deed, such as sharing a toy or helping bring in the groceries, he/she writes it down on a red or green strip of paper and adds it to the chain around the tree. As Christmas nears the chain will get longer and longer and they can see how their kind contributions have made the chain grow longer.


  1. i love your "thankful tree." my children are mostly grown -- still have a 14 year old at home -- but legos would have been on ours for a lot of years, too. have fun with the christmas chain...that will be a happy memory later, i bet.

  2. What a great visual reminder for what your family is grateful for! I'm grateful to see the Dallas Cowboys made the tree!!

  3. Thanks Daricia! You can't go wrong with Legos...they are hours of entertainment!

    Cat, yes, we are huge Cowboys fans!

  4. Have enjoyed following you on your thankful journey!! I can't believe it is December, make that today! Love the idea of the Christmas chain!! What a beautiful way to focus on the true spirit of Christmas.

  5. Karin, what a lovely little tree but I am really captivated by your Christmas chain. What a great ornament to look back on and remember all the special moments of the season.


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