Thanksgiving 30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Well someone has to enjoy frolicking in the leaves don't they? 

Sasha and Biscuit didn't want them to go to waste 
before they become compost.

Isn't it great to live in the moment? 

I am thankful for those random memories that put a smile on my face.


  1. They know how to live in the moment...we can take great cues from kids and pets!! Wonderful!!

  2. The video did not play, but I can imagine living in that moment anyway.

  3. The video is marked Private but I'm sure they are adorable. My dogs remind me to relax and enjoy life. I have one dog who likes to wait on the couch for me to come over and pet her. If she thinks I'm taking too long, she comes and gets me. It's a great reminder to just slow down and snuggle!

  4. Donna, so true!

    GWGT, what a shame it didn't play! It was fun watching them chase each other around in the leaves.

    CM, Hmmm...I will have to work on this YouTube link and the settings. This is the first time I have posted a video and wasn't sure how it would work. Obviously it didn't! Dogs are such funny creatures! They really have their special ways of communicating with us. You are right, they do remind us to slow down and enjoy the moment.


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