Hope Grows Day: April 2011

Last Month in my first Hope Grows post I was looking forward to the dogwoods, azaleas, roses and irises blooming. In hindsight I must have been anxiously awaiting more color in the garden. Well, my garden hasn't failed me. The dogwoods are at peak...

And even my newest addition, Cherokee Brave Dogwood bears a few gorgeous pink blooms.

The Lady Banks rose with its sunshine yellow cluster blooms brightens the area in the front corner of my house.

And the knock out roses are also beginning to bloom.

Some plants that are coming up in my garden now I didn't include in my post last month but are bringing me so much pleasure. The ferns in my woodland garden are all unfolding their fronds now...

One of my favorite is the Ostrich Fern which has bright green fronds. The immature fronds are called fiddleheads and are often cooked as a vegetable and eaten as a delicacy in many rural areas.

The Trillium are up and just about ready to bloom. They were a new addition to the woodland garden last year and I wasn't sure if they would come up this year.

Another great woodland garden bloom is the columbine which sits on the edge of the garden.

This was the first columbine I planted and upon my husband's brilliant suggestion it is planted in an old stump and enjoys the nutrients from the decaying tree.

So what am I expecting in the garden next month? I am looking forward to the irises, day lilies, butterfly bush, lavender, coral bells and azaleas. Come back on May 5th and see what Hope Grows...

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  1. I love Cornus kousa so much.... Thanks Karin for the first picture ! The rest is very nice, as usual.

  2. How wonderful you have gotten your wish ...you are so far ahead of me, but I can love the beautiful flowers...waiting for my columbines next month...

  3. I've never seen dogwood before. The green centres and striations are striking

  4. Beautiful roses and great pics. I like the columbine planted in the tree stump, very creative. Your spring colour & texture is super.

  5. Such phenomenal pics and a nice jolt of spring for those of us still stuck in nasty weather. I really love that first dogwood and need to add one soon!

  6. What a wonderful idea to plant the columbine in the stump! The Cherokee Brave dogwood is beautiful!

  7. Your husband must be a natural gardener. Wild columbine likes to be moist but well-drained and it is probably enjoying those conditions in your stump. In the wild it grows on moist rock outcroppings.

  8. The trillium is gorgeous! And I love the columbine in the tree trunk! What a great idea!

  9. Ooh, I'm coveting that trillium! My guess is it would fry in Texas, even in the shade. Trilliums grew wild in the woods in WI where I grew up. So pretty!!

  10. Those are some really lovely blooms you have going on there. Some really nice choices.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  11. Love love love the columbine in the stump. I have several old stumps on our property and last year found a fern growing out of one. I plan to top each one up with soil and plant more but haven't decided what plants just yet.

  12. A few more blooms I havent seen before like dogwood, columbine and trillium...We also have a type of fern that we consume as vegetable and salad, probably the same type as yours there.I love both roses!

  13. First image of white dogwoods is great, It's so lovely seing your garden blooming!


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