Hope Grows Day: March 2011

Hanni over at Sweet Bean Gardening is hosting a Hope Grows Day meme. The idea is to post about something you are looking forward to in the next month in your garden (a plant blooming, finishing a project, etc.) and then on the 5th of the following month show the results.

The spring-like weather we have been experiencing in Georgia has brought out many spring blooms already. But April is the month of grandeur. Here are some of the blooms that I am expecting next month.

The lady banks rose with clusters of yellow blooms.

The bearded irises with their flamboyant petals.

And of course it wouldn't be spring in the south without our beloved azaleas and dogwoods.

I hope you will come back next month on April 5th to see what is blooming. In the meantime stop over at Sweet Bean Gardening to see what others are expecting in their gardens.

Spring is only 14 days away!


  1. Beautiful flowers, photos and blog!
    Nice greetings from warm and sunny Croatia.

  2. I loved your images today and Hope Grows sounds like a great meme. We had a big snow and ice storm yesterday and hard to be hopeful. We lost power and first, then got it back, and lost cable, to get it back this morning. I was hoping to see the last of snow, but no luck. I can go with Dreams Grow.

  3. Hope your lovely images come into reality soon. Will check them out next month and see what surprises could be in store. :)

  4. I will definitely be back for your follow-up. -- Bom

  5. Beautiful Blooms! I love those pure white magnolia blossoms!

  6. You have some beautiful blooms to look forward to. I look forward to seeing them. One of the things I love about spring is all the expectations and hope wrapped up in it, before the bugs and fungus and oppressive heat of summer arrive!

  7. Zondra, thanks for visiting. I went over to your blog and WOW you are an amazing photographer! I look forward to more of your work.

    Donna, I am so glad that you got your power back! I do hope that your winter will be over very soon. There are just two more weeks until spring so I hope for you that the worst of it is over. Until then dream a happy dream!

    One & Bom, thank you! It is always so much fun to watch all the plants come alive.

    Thanks Carol! Yes the white dogwoods are my favorite too!

    Deb, Isn't that the truth. I complain all winter about the cold but gosh, summer heat & humidity gets here quickly every year!

  8. Those azaleas look utterly delectable. If I could wish for something in the next month it would be that the snow melts. Flowers are still a long way off but thank goodness for blogs, I can see flowers anywhere at all times of year.

  9. Spring is my favourite season, and you've posted some beautiful photos that show why ! The anticipation of seeing everything come back to life and surround us with colour again is awesome. Great post !

  10. I love your photos and the idea of posting what we are excited about. I'm just not sure if I"ll have much blooming then! These photos remind me of living in the south. :o)

  11. I am spending a lot of time looking at last years photos Karin! Soon...soon!


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