Wordless Wednesday: Being Green

It's not easy being green

 - Kermit the Frog


  1. I hear the frogs down by the creek, but I never see frogs like I did in my childhood - the big bull frogs were everywhere! Your frog is very pretty.

  2. HolleyGarden, I see a few frogs in my garden but I'm not that close to a large source of water that will attract them. We are hoping to put in a pond in the future and maybe we'll see more of them then. It is great to listen to them on a hot summer night.

  3. Wow, the bullfrogs are thick up at our lake place! They are so loud right at dusk -- talking to each other incessantly. I have more toads than frogs here at the house, though. Almost stepped on them a couple of times because they blend in with their surroundings so well!

  4. lovely very clear photo! I kissed a frog in Burubudur in January,haha!

  5. Hahaha! I love it!


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