SuperMoon bring on Spring!

The moon like a flower 
In heaven's high bower,
With silent delight
Sits and smiles on the night.
-William Blake

Tonight the moon was the closest to earth that it has been in 18 years; making it the so-called SuperMoon. It was 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away from Earth. My family and I gathered outside to watch the moon rise after a very busy day doing spring cleaning in the garden.

This was our view. We were all exhausted and enjoyed lingering under the full moon.

According to National Geographic the supermoon is 20% brighter and 15% bigger than a regular full moon. Most people probably won't notice a difference but it will cast more light on the ground than normal.
What a great way to bring on spring!


  1. Interesting info and Beautiful photos.. I'm so excited that spring is almost here!

  2. You captured it! I was so busy raking and looking down at the ground at my emerging perennials I forgot to look up at the super moon! Pretty photo of the moon behind the branches!

  3. Beautiful captures and thanks for those information. 15% bigger and 20% brighter. We did look at it for a while when we reached home past mid night.

  4. it was fantastic and it did brighten my garden more than most full moons...ours rose a big orange ball and finally when it got high enough it looked just like your second camera does not take night shots easily ir maybe I just haven't mastered it yet

  5. It was a perfect evening for moon watching Karin. These photos are beautiful. We had to watch through the trees, which made for interesting fun.

  6. I love the moon!! Last night's was definitely beautiful. But nothing beats a red moon. The moon hits perigee (closest to the Earth in it's revolution) once a lunar cycle so we get a baby super moon every month. :o)

  7. Wow! Such a great shot of the moon. so lovely to watch a perfectly round and super bright moon from your garden with your family! Too bad here, we cant see it because of the rain almost every evening.

  8. I didn't realize until yesterday that this was a 'supermoon'. We had been wondering all week why the night sky was so bright. Even when it wasn't full the light it was giving off was tremendous.

  9. I had trouble sleeping last night it was so bright! Good pictures of the beautiful moon. I wonder if the pull of the moon will make our plants grow faster!

  10. It's gorgeous, Karin! Congrats. I like those a lot. I could see from here as well, above parisian roofs : a beautiful frame.

  11. Wonderful! We too watched the moon all the way here in Cape Town South Africa - but I never thought to take a photo! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  12. Thanks Rebecca, Spring is now officially here!

    PlantPostings, your comment made me smile! I am often so consumed on my gardening task with my head in the ground that I fail to look up!

    One, glad you got to enjoy it for a while!

    Donna, night shots are hard for me too. I think they are the most difficult to master.

    Thanks Eve, I imagine watching it through all your trees was beautiful and very mysterious.

    Casa Mariposa, I haven't photographed a red moon yet. That will be on my list to do. They are beautiful!

    p3chandan, a pity that you had rain. We seem to have overcast skies often when there are significant meteorological events to watch in our area.

    Marguerite, I hope you got a chance to see the moon at your place.

    HolleyGarden, I will keep my fingers crossed that our plants will be growing fast!

    Gabriel, Seeing the full moon over the Parisian rooftops must have been a dream!

    TheGardeningBlog, so glad that you got to enjoy the big moon! I was peering at the moon for a while before I thought to get my camera and try to take some photographs. It was an interesting experiment.

  13. More great photos! Both are amazing but I really like the second snap of the moon.


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