A visit to Reedy Falls Park

Earlier this week my kids and I took a trip over to Greenville, South Carolina to explore Reedy Falls Park. I had heard good things about the park so I was very interested in visiting and what a breathtaking place it is!

The 26 acre park was reclaimed by the Carolina Foothills Garden Club in 1967 with the support of the City of Greenville and Furman University. Over the span of 40 years the park developed into what it is today; an amazing collection of "garden rooms" designed by landscape architect Andrea Mains. The gardens are open year-round and provide seasonal interest with a blend of native plants, ornamental grasses and artistic elements. In 2007 the Garden Club received the American Horticulture Society's "Urban Beautification Award".

We started our walk in the Spring Falls Garden which was an incredibly serene place with towering trees and a golden canopy of autumn leaves.

Walking down tree roots littered with fallen leaves which served as natural steps

revealed pools of water swirling with fallen leaves


and an assortment of ferns and hellebores.

We lingered in the woods but our curiosity kept pushing us along to see what was up ahead. We emerged onto The Meadow Garden which was filled with ornamental grasses and a wonderful grassy knoll to sit and just take everything in.

The Cascade Garden was a wonderful mix of Yucca and ornamental grasses planted amongst the rocks to form a framework for the creek as it merged into the main river.

On our stroll to the River Terrace, near the Furman Overlook was this amazing tree with exposed roots running down the embankment. I choose this photograph to illustrate just how large the roots and tree actually are.

We spent a rather long time enjoying the River Terrace as my children dipped their feet into the water and had a great time catching the leaves as they floated down the river and before they tumbled down the falls.

They collected lots of enormous leaves which we took home to press and preserve to commemorate the fun we had that day.

A little wet but full of enthusiasm we walked through the Main Garden which was a collection of roses, hydrangea, yucca and annuals.

Then we arrived at the grand finale...The Liberty Bridge which was designed by architect Miguel Rosales. It is 355 feet long and 12 feet wide.

The 90 foot towers lean at a 15 degree angle and weight 26 tons each!

A walk across the bridge reveals some impressive views of the falls.

A view toward historic downtown

and some magnificent maples completed our tour of the park.

A beautiful sky ended our spectacular visit.

The beauty that mother nature provides on a daily basis is one of many things that I am always thankful for. She is continuously full of surprises and adventures which makes life just that much more enjoyable. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


  1. Looks like a wonderful outing. Great job capturing the amazing fall colors. The huge roots on those trees are amazing!

  2. Great photos and fall color! Those tree roots are amazing! Wow, would like to see the tree growing out of those roots :-) The muhly grass is so pretty, as well. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!

  3. What gorgeous pictures! I wish I had visited this park when we lived in SC.

  4. I love all your photos, especially the big tree roots and your cute kids. What a nice trip.

  5. Spectacular shots ! Great colours, and I loved the falls.


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