My new helpers

This week we got two new family Sasha and Biscuit.

They are 9 week old Golden Retrievers (brother and sister) who came from a farm and are accustom to being outside. They are a great fit because we are a family that spends much of our time pursuing activities outdoors. They spent a lot of time this weekend in the garden assisting me with all the fall cleanup.

picking up sticks...



Checking the rain gauge...

keeping the other helpers in line...

And after a hard days work they were just worn out (like the rest of us)...


  1. They are SO precious! I love goldens.

  2. very cute! I am sure they will be great garden helpers

  3. Karen, you made my morning. What little darlings. Hope with two of them, the chewing is at a minimum, plants and furniture. I had two dogs, an Akita and a Samoyed, six moths apart. They did not chew a thing inside, but my Akita had my rhododendron for dinner one day. I was left with a small stub. Branches were everywhere.

  4. The pups are too cute for words! So adorable and such great helpers doing all that mulching and weeding. It makes me want a new puppy- could we have "Four dogs in a garden"- maybe not- my husband will divorce me!!

  5. Cute, cute! And i bet they can dig planting holes for you, too!

  6. They are so adorable! I can look at their photos over and over. I can't wait to meet them.

  7. The puppies are so cute! I have five dogs I've brought home from the no-kill shelter I volunteer at but none came home as puppies. Now I want a puppy! I'm sure they'll make great hole diggers this spring!

  8. They are so adorable! I have two geriatric goldens and love them so much. Once I fostered golden pups. What sweet little dogs they are. Your two are beautiful!


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