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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Look out! Look out! Jack Frost is about!

The first frost of the season arrived this weekend! I am not quite ready for this cold weather but it has to come sometime. So, I bundled up and put on my nice warm boots and took a walk around my garden. The crisp weather really woke me up as I looked at the beautiful frost crystals on the garden flowers and leaves.

Blanket Flower 'Oranges and Lemons'

Creeping Raspberry 'Rubus calycinoides'

Knock Out Rose

Brown Turkey Fig 'Ficus carica'

My fingers were starting to go numb making it difficult to take any more photographs so I headed indoors for a steaming cup of coffee. Just the thing to warm my fingers. Looking forward to the week ahead we will be back up in the 70's by mid-week. Good news since I haven't put my bulbs in the ground yet.


  1. Pretty photos. I'm surprised it is so cold there already. I don't think we have had frost here in Brooklyn yet.

  2. Very beautiful frost images. I am waiting for us to get a good frost. We have had a mild frost, but no killing frost as of yet. Doesn't it make you shiver a bit seeing the sad and cold rose? They are so elegant and it looks so forlorn. Great pictures.

  3. Brrrr!! But Beautiful!!! I'm not ready for frost yet either. Won't be long before I'm hauling tender plants into my little greenhouse for the winter. Thankfully our winters are short :-)

  4. Everything looks like it's been dipped in sugar :-)

  5. Beautiful photos! I love how the raspberry and the rose look. Is like they are velvet

  6. I think the raspberry leaves are beautiful! They almost look like glass ornaments.

  7. Sugar coated beauties~I love the first frost! gail

  8. Nice pictures! They remind me to bring some plants to the garage. Thank you!

  9. We have had a couple of very light frosts, but nothing to ice the flowers like yours! Such pretty photos; they are worth your cold fingers!


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