A glimpse at my Japanese Maples

One of my favorite tree is the Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum). According to the Arbor Day Foundation it is named Acer palmatum after the hand like shape of its leaves.

They look so delicate yet they have a toughness about them and are very versatile. They come in countless forms, color, leaf types, sizes and preferred growing conditions (shade/part shade/sun).

Every November my Japanese Maples never fail to disappoint.

They transform from this lovely summer green

to this most brilliant red.

My Coral bark maple (Sango-kaku) was purchased earlier this year for a sunnier spot in my woodland garden. It had lovely lime green leaves

that turned this gorgeous golden yellow a few weeks ago.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing its pink bark during our winter months.

This lace leaf cultivar (Tamukeyama) is in the sun-dappled part of my woodland garden in a pot with a lot of loamy soil and organic material.

It too gave a fabulous performance of burgundy red before it started to drop its leaves.

The Japanese maples are a very showy and versatile species and a sensation in any garden. I love them for their brilliant fall color but also for their wonderful hues in spring and summer and interesting bark characteristics during the winter months. They are so adaptable and blend well with companion plants. Most importantly they represent calmness and peace which is a what I strive for in my garden setting.


  1. Pretty maples. They are my favorite tree and I use them a lot. Gorgeous color and photos.

  2. Japanese Maples are great trees and add so much interest throughout the year. I love them, too, and enjoyed your lovely pictures.

  3. Beautiful post! all the maples look amazing. Love the colorful reds

  4. Japanese Maples are indeed stunning. A very enjoyable first visit and now following. Thank you :)

  5. Beautiful maples! They are hard to beat for spectacular fall color! Have 20 maples in my backyard and I have plans to plant a couple more. I'm looking for an upright yellow fall color maple. I already have Sango Kaku and Orange Dream, so I'm looking for a different variety.

  6. Your Japanese maples look fantastic in the fall! I have all sun in my garden, and no place to put one. Maybe someday!


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