Chickadee & Bluebird Update

On April 20th we found eggs in one of our nesting boxes (see post here). Thanks to Gardening With Nature they were identified as Carolina Chickadees based on the appearance of the eggs (white with brown splotches) and the nest made mostly of moss.

On April 26th we checked on the eggs and found that they had hatched. It looks like only 4 hatched. They were so tiny and only had wisps of down on their head and behind.

We checked on the babies today. In just three days they have grown significantly and started to get their wing feathers.

Both the parents are working diligently to raise their young. According the the Cornell Lab of Ornithology a male and female pair may remain intact for several years as long as they have successful nests.

The babies are hungry and mom and dad are spending their days searching for food to keep this brood feed.

Looks like mom found a nice green caterpillar this time.

Next door the Bluebirds cleaned out their failed nest and are trying again.

As of today there are 4 beautiful, blue eggs.

And, the mockingbirds have fledged. A lone rose pedal is all that remains in their nest.

Stay tuned to see how the bluebirds fare with their second go at parenting.


  1. Enjoying following your nesting birds.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. My chickadees were just a bit ahead of yours. They fledged a few days ago. My bluebirds have just started brooding so I have that to look forward to in a few more days. Congratulations on all your babies.

  3. It is so fun to follow and watch the bird families. Your photos are delightful Karin. The only egg I can identify is a Robin, and should really get to know the birds better. The chickadee eggs are so cute speckled like a decorated Easter egg.

  4. So love this post! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to enjoy this amazing piece of life ...

  5. Awwww, so sweet! What a great experience to see all the eggs hatching and the little ones developing. Hope the Bluebirds are more successful this time.

  6. Aww-ww...I just love this time of year. I also have a chickadee nest and a bluebird nest. It is so much fun to watch these creatures grow. Thank you for the detailed photos...excellent!

  7. LOVE!! None of my birdhouses offer easy access to the nests so unless I'm paying close attention sometimes I don't know the house was occupied until fall when I clean them all out. I have wrens that I think are getting ready to move into the green gourd house currently featured on my blog and have bluebirds in another house. I just wish I could get pix as cool as yours!! I'm so glad the blue birds are trying again.

  8. So much good news with the birds...I hope to see more birds beginning to nest here soon...

  9. Those chickadee babies are so tiny and cute! The parents are too for that matter. Beautiful portrait of the bluebird and its nest.

    You asked about the voles and pink primrose -- I'm fairly certain voles were eating the other stuff I had by the sidewalk because I kept finding vole tunnels. The primrose has grown like crazy though.


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