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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Watching you like a Hawk


  1. What a majestic bird. I love watching hawks...

  2. Majestic is the right word. Pretty, but a little scary, too!

  3. looks hungry. I see them about every 1/2 mile along the roads of Kansas.

  4. They are so cool! Great shots, Karin. I see them occasionally but never perched. Usually hunting...oh, if only I could sight one and catch a photograph. That would make me a happy girl!

    Merry Christmas, Karin! Hope you and your family have a blessed holiday!

  5. Me too Donna, especially when they are soaring in the sky but then they are so difficult to photograph.

    HolleyGarden, they are very impressive birds. Sometimes they take out my songbirds in one fell swoop. Sad, but that is life, right?!

    Greggo, lucky you!

    Thanks Cat! I was lucky with this one. We were walking in the woods (with the kids & dogs) and I was looking up, down and all around (like I do) when this beauty swooped down and perched itself in a tree. What timing! And, fortunately I had my camera along. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas too!

  6. Wow! Great shots! They are not easy to capture.

  7. Wow, how awesome! What a pretty bird. Very impressive to get such great pictures of them in your yard! I see our hawks wheeling overhead occasionally, but I haven't seen one in our yard in a long time. (The birds that visit my bird feeder are probably glad of that!)


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