Word for Wednesday: Repose

How beautiful it is to do nothing, 
and then to rest afterward. 
~Spanish Proverb

Often in our busy lives we need to slow down and take cues from nature and rest. Fall is the season where things are slowing down in the garden and the plants take a rest. 

All things need to rest. 

Even the busy butterfly,

the gentle turtle,

 the harried damselfly,

the industrious squirrels,

and my garden helpers.

My idea of resting and tranquility is surrounding myself with nature. Listening to a babbling brook has a soothing and calming effect on my soul.

In my garden my place for reflection and rejuvenation is in the woodland garden. Here the plants are cooler and quieter than the bold, warm colors of those in the sun.

Their foliage is softer and restful to the eye

The various shades of green are harmonious

and the textures soothing.

It provides time for reflection and renewal.

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.  ~Etty Hillesum 

What is your state of repose? Click on over to Garden Walk Garden Talk and see others' interpretation of repose.


  1. Reading this post and looking at the beautiful photos helped slow me down ... I like the squirrel :) I think I need to pay a visit to a babbling brook! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Wow, great examples. That squirrel is a perfect shot for the word. The doggies too. Your turtle shot looks like a National Geographic photo. That is one cool looking turtle. Taking cues from nature is a good idea, but when the snow is flying and I am digging, I am thinking how the landscape is snug and resting and I am still out there working and frozen. They even have predicting flurries in our area. None came, but I think it will be earlier this year. You can almost feel it outside. Thank you for joining in n repose.

  3. That squirrel could be the poster child for REPOSE. Great shot! and a lovely post.

  4. The expression of the squirrel is priceless. Just love it. The dogs are really cute too. The other photo that I like very much is of the floating leaves...

  5. Wonderful post Karin. Just reading it was restful. I love the pictures of repose you captured especially the squirrel!! You are so right that a woodland setting is so restful...

  6. The squirrel and the dogs both made me laugh. So cute! The first picture looks so calming. It makes me want to just sit in one of those chairs and rest for a spell.

  7. What a lovely post and nice proverb for the intro! I was today in the need of exactly wht you offer: relax, nature and beauty, thank you for the nice images. Lula

  8. Beautiful post. I think the color of repose is green - there's so much beauty and tranquility in the woodland setting!
    And your squirrel photo is fabulous!

  9. Wonderful, thoughtful post and fabulous photographic examples. I especially love the dogs and that adorable squirrel!

  10. Wonderful pictures and words! Love all the shots but like most of the others the squirrel wins the Repose award hands down! Great post!

  11. Lovely essay on repose accompanied by great photos. I wish I was better at reposing in the garden. I repose while reading.

  12. All the photos are lovely for Repose, but i really love the autumn leaves, butterfly, damselfly and the squirrel. I can relate my meditative feelings with them.

  13. What a wonderful collection of soothing photos. The fall leaves on the water is my favourite.

  14. Such a beautiful, restful post Karin. I absolutely love the Spanish proverb! So true, so true.

  15. Beautiful photos but the one that warms my heart the most is the one of your garden helpers :)

  16. Awesome repose post. I was right there relaxing with you in the woodland garden.

  17. Your garden helpers look both rested and happy!

  18. How in the world you caught a squirrel in a moment of repose, I'll never know ;-) Your restful photos refreshed my spirit before a day of work.

  19. What a perfect quote, I am relaxing here between two deep breaths...did you really get a pic of that squirrel? Amazing.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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