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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Walk through the Garden

It has been a typical October in Georgia. Cool to chilly mornings warming up to gorgeous sunny days in the 70's and 80's. Several days of rain and even a few mornings with frost advisories. Brrrr! What I didn't count on was that October would be such a busy month for me. All my gardening plans were put on hold while I attended to other projects. Now, in the final week of the month I find myself longing for time in the garden. Carolyn at This Grandmother's Garden has challenged fellow garden bloggers to take an Autumn walk through their garden. This is the perfect excuse (not that I really need one) to take a break and take a walk through my garden and see what I have been missing.

The cosmos are still displaying their brilliant white and the pollinators are very appreciative. These beauties have been excellent performers this fall.

The morning sun glows on the swamp sunflowers. They are a perfect addition to my fall garden.

I let the Cilantro go to bloom in the herb garden. I do like the dainty, white blooms.

The Milkweed is to go to seed. They sparkle in the sunshine as the wind carries them off to find a new place to put down their roots.

The chrysanthemum with their daisy like flowers are blooming non-stop.

And, the Asters are the stars of the fall garden. Several are new additions this season.

I am looking forward to life slowing down a little so I can take many more walks through my garden and enjoy the autumn splendor before it fades away to winter.


  1. Your walk turned up lots of beautiful distractions from your busy schedule. I hope you find more time to enjoy the garden! We sure benefit from the gorgeous photos!

  2. I echo Cat. More please! So well photographed. Your bee macros are exceptional and so are those swamp sunflowers.

  3. Lovely photos - I enjoyed my virtual walk through your garden!

  4. Karin your fall garden is perfect and beautiful and what mine looked like a month nice to see it again through your eyes. I echo others in wishing you more time to savor your beautiful garden!!

  5. Lovely! I especially like the silky sheen of the milkweed seed!

  6. I was just at Grandmother's Garden and am going to make time this week to take her challenge. Your photos are beautiful!! How well did your garden survive the summer?

  7. The asters in my garden were spent several weeks ago, though they bloomed profusely at their peak. They're one of my favorites. Yours are beautiful!

  8. Look at your happy bees, and no wonder! I agree, where would the fall garden be without Asters? Your swamp sunflowers are lovely too!

  9. Beautiful shots! It's been a great autumn for photography, hasn't it? I don't remember last autumn being this vibrant, but maybe I simply don't remember. I feel like I'm sighing at the beauty constantly--both outdoors and through all these beautiful blog posts!

  10. Thank you Cat, Donna & Cynthia. I appreciate your sweet words!

    HolleyGarden, the seeds are so pretty but the photo shows of the sheen even more than in person.

    CM, I look forward to walking in your garden with you. It was a struggle this summer. I lost a number of plants to the drought (maybe some will surprise me and come back next year). Others thrived in the garden and were spectacular despite the lack of rain. I will be adding more of those next year!

    Thanks Ginny, I have been adding lots of asters to my garden since they are such lovely fall bloomers and they are nectar food for the late season butterflies. The added bonus for the natives is that they are host plants for the Pearl Crescent butterfly!

    CVF, I have so many bees this year and I couldn't be happier. I love to watch them and see their pollen sacks get bigger and bigger.

    PlantPostings, I agree, although I haven't had the time I would like to photograph all that autumn has to offer this year. I am hoping it will be a long season so that I can get out and capture more of its brilliance.

  11. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Hi Karin, I am glad that you were able to sneak out into the garden and a way from all your projects on the go. Gardens are always so stress relieving. Your mild daytime temperatures makes so many blooms possible. The bees buzzing away on your daisies are so crystal clear and sharp that you can count the fine downy hairs. Beautiful!

  12. So many beautiful blooms, Karin! I must admit the last pic of the blue asters totally captured my heart! Stunning! Thanks so much for walking with us.

  13. Karin, your walk certainly provided you with some lovely surprises. Your autumn garden is spectacular!!!

  14. What a walk you had! So much to take in and you captured the beauty so well.

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