What is left of Summer: GBBD August

Finding myself in the middle of August I am wondering where our summer has gone. I know according to the calendar and certainly the weather we are in the throws of summer but my kids are back to school already and all our summer fun is a distant memory. So it is back to the grind (ugh!) but this also means that I get to spend a little more time in the garden.

My pass along Canna is starting to bud and is a favorite spot for the katydid. Can you see it hanging out between the buds?

The milkweed is continuing to bloom and the butterflies are thankful. I was recently learned that butterflies do not reproduce when it is too hot. This certainly explains why I am seeing fewer butterflies this summer.

The two beauty berry shrubs in my garden are both producing berries already! A sign that autumn is just around the corner?

The Early Amethyst (Callicarpa dichotoma) 

This sedum is a fabulous performer and is just starting to bloom. The green blooms will turn pink in the fall. I had three plants, two feel prey to the voles but I rescued them just in time to root the stems that were left behind. They are thriving on the back deck and waiting to be replanted this fall (with vole proofing). I don't know why the voles didn't touch this one.

Autumn Fire Sedum

The Russian Sage has been a constant bloomer and the bees are on it from dawn to dusk.

This salvia greggii 'Navajo Rose' has been a favorite of the hummingbirds

The annuals are providing much needed color in the garden.


Portulaca 'samba pink'

Texas Sage 'Coral Nymph'

There are still some surprises in the vegetable garden. The last of the fruit and vegetables are producing before the fall garden goes in.

Sweet 100


volunteer watermelon

Today, I am joining May Dreams Gardens for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Pop on over to to take a trip around the bloggasphere to see all the August blooms.


  1. Your veggies look amazing - the Sweet 100 looks too perfect to eat!
    Happy GBBD :)

  2. I agree with you...the calendar still says summer, but I can see and feel autumn's approach. All of your blooms are lovely, but I am very drawn to the Early Amethyst...what a beauty! Happy GBBD!

  3. Karin, how lovely your blooms. School already. So hard for m to imagine. Ours starts after Labor Day so we still have summer going strong with a cooler day here or there. I love all the sage....Happy GBBD

  4. Have had a nice milder with rain week. Wish salvia greggi would overwinter here in Kansas. Good repeat bloomer and the hummers love it. Nice post and photos.

  5. School already, kids here are not back until September. I wish they would return in August. The watermelon would really be a fun surprise. It still is in the eighties during the day, but the nights are great in the 60's. The plants are loving that. I do agree, the summer flew by, but I am sure it will be back as Indian Summer before Autumn is over.

  6. Your beauty berry shrubs live up to their name! Summer may be winding down, but your garden has lots of color. I love that you have a volunteer watermelon, truly a sign that summer is still in session!

  7. thegardeningblog, thanks for your kind words. The veggies were sparse this summer but those that produced were delicious. I am hoping to have more success with my fall garden.

    thesagebutterfly, thank you! the early amethyst is at peak right now and is a real stunner. I am certainly enjoying them and hopefully the birds will too.

    donna, sage are real performers in my summer garden requiring very little care but the best part is all the hummers and butterflies they attract.

    greggo, we are scheduled to get some rain end of the week. Keeping my fingers crossed but we've heard this story many times before with no results.

    donna/gwgt, your weather sounds glorious. Yes, school already...it would make much more sense to me to start school after labor day but that is a another story. :o)

    debsgarden, my kids are anxiously waiting the harvest of the watermelon (from seeds that they spit out into the garden)

  8. I've been trying to find an explanation for the reduction in numbers of butterflies in my garden - so I was glad to read that it may be because of the heat. Well, maybe not so glad - if the heat of this summer repeats itself next year. I love that beauty berry!

  9. My Russian sage is in a pot and not that happy about it! It's a wee pathetic thing that needs to find a spot in the garden. I love your volunteer watermelon! How awesome!! LOVE the coral sage! I had to give my beauty berry away when it wasn't happy where I put it but didn't have another spot for it. But the friend I gave it to is in love with it so it's a double happy - happy to share, happy to see her so happy! :o)

  10. Beautiful blooms...I adore Calicarpa...the blooms AND the berries!

  11. Your garden, and your knowledge, is amazing! Wow! I would LOVE to be able to have a garden and all the know-how like you!


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