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If you have been following my latest posts you already know that we have been visiting family in Mississippi this past week. I thought I would share some more of the beautiful flora and fauna we have seen during our stay at my in-laws farm.

This is the view of the 2.5 acre pond from where I sit on a swing each morning with coffee in hand contemplating the day ahead while listening to the birds sing. It is also a lovely place to take a nap in the late afternoon heat or relax in the evening and listen to the chorus of frogs and crickets.

As the day heats up I like to watch the turtles climb out of the water to sun themselves

and the dragonflies swooping about the pond catching mosquitoes and gnats.

When they stop ever so briefly one can see their wings glistening in the sun.

Small green geckos scurry around the dock catching insects.

Whilst this little green tree frog prefers to hide in one of the fold-up chairs

A morning walk through my in-laws (zone 8) garden is always rewarded with some fantastic blooms. They have a nice mix of gladiolas.

This is an heirloom variety. The fiery combination of orange and yellow seems very appropriate for this 95+ degree weather we are having.

Daylilies are found all along the edge of the pond putting on a prolific show each day.

Surprisingly this hydrangea is flourishing in a rather sunny location next to the pond and near some old wood. The access to a constant water source certainly helps it flourish.

Of course it wouldn't be summer without the skippers around, fluttering from one bloom to the next.

There is an abundance of birds including cardinals, bluebirds, mockingbirds, indigo buntings, woodpeckers, eastern kingbirds among others but they have been difficult to photograph. There is an assortment of birdhouses around the farm for the birds handcrafted by my talented father-in-law. This is one of my favorites.

This spectacular double rainbow which appeared after a day of much needed rain storms was a special treat.

But the most spectacular blooms are those of the hibiscus. I will prepare a separate post for these magnificent blooms.

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  1. You got some wonderful images from the farm. I love going to the farm for the same reason, there is some spectacular scenery. The water shot looks so peaceful and the turtles look happy and safe. Any gators looking for a meal?

    My favorite shot is the hydrangea. It looks like a magazine shot it is so nicely framed.

  2. What a beautiful place! I like how you captured the reflections in the water. I'm impressed with the dragonfly photos, as I know how hard it is to photograph creatures on the move ...

    I feel calmer and more at peace after seeing this post.

  3. Great photos and wonderful blooms.

  4. Pretty rainbow. I am impressed with your dragonfly shots. They never stay still for me.

  5. Karin, This place is heavenly to me. I would love to be surrounded by such beauty. The frog is really cute. I only see toads here. I saw a double rainbow when we shifted here 3 years ago but I couldn't get any decent shots. Your rainbow shot is fantastic!

  6. Oh, I love dragonflies! What a beautiful setting. I can't believe they have Hydrangeas and Zinnias blooming already!! Gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful nature & wildlife, love the photos of dragonflies and the bright green frog photo! :) Kelli.

  8. Thanks greggo!

    Donna/GWGT, no gators at the farm but there are water moccasins that are venomous and aggressive and we do need to watch out for them.

    Sheila & HolleyGarden, It took some time to get those dragonfly shots. I sat quietly on the dock with camera in hand waiting for them to land and stay put long enough to focus and get a shot.

    Sunray Gardening/Cher, so glad you enjoyed the scenery.

    One, the farm is really a relaxing place and my favorite spot is next to the pond surrounded by nature. The rainbow was stunning. I'm afraid my photo doesn't even do it justice. I wonder why they are so difficult to capture on camera?

    PlantPostings, It is amazing how one hardiness zone can make a difference in how quickly plants grow and bloom. I think you will be surprised at my next post about their hibiscus blooms.

    Kelli/Why I garden, the green tree frogs are everywhere. I think they are really cute too. My boys enjoyed catching them and having frog races.

  9. You gave us such a nice tour of all the best of Mississippi. It is lovely. Glads are a favorite of mine and those are spectacular. My favorite photo is the one of the hydrangea by the old wood...stunning!

  10. What a spectacular visit to an amazing place...I love the bird house as well

  11. What are the trees growing IN the water?

  12. Your photos are lovely. I've lived in Alabama and Texas, and now live in Northern California. I miss seeing some of the eastern birds you mentioned.


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