Giant Hibiscus Blooms

I have been thoroughly captivated with the hibiscus blooms in my in-law's garden. I have never seen any so large and prolific.

They put out a new bloom each day. They start as this elegant bud

And open to this enormous bloom measuring 10" across.

There are two different blooms. The pink with red center and this multi-color bloom. Both are magnificent.

The blood red center is such a stunning contrast to the white.

But the red and pink is also striking.

The very showy flowers have 5 large petals.

And at the end of the day the tired bloom hangs its head

To allow the next flower to shine.


  1. I love when my native hibiscus start to bloom...they are sight to behold from bud to death as you have shown..the blooms are as large as plates and I have some of the same colos...I will not see mine for awhile here but it was nice to be reminded what is in store for my garden in a month or so...

  2. Don't you love it when the grandest specimen in a flower family is also one of the easiest and hardiest? Sure doesn't happen very often. Giant hibiscus are awesome!

  3. 10 inches across! Holy moly! :)

  4. My favorite stage is them in bud. My plants are a mere inches right now. Long wait to see them. I really like that shot above it hanging its head. It looks like a well pressed drapery.

  5. I love these showy plants, but I never seem to see the hardy ones at the garden center, only the tropicals. Your post has inspired me to keep looking!

  6. Donna, you are right they are as big as plates. Someone actually referred to them as dinner plate hibiscus. I am sure your will look beautiful when they start blooming!

    Appalachian Feet, I actually didn't realize these are hardy (to what zone?). Good to know.

    Hanni, impressive isn't it! They are a show stopper!

    Donna/GWGT, I agree. I think the bud is so pretty and I love the texture.

    HolleyGarden, my in-laws purchased these from their local High School's Horticulture class. I am definitely on the look out at my local nursery or Botanical Garden to see if I can find one for my garden too. I fell in love with these.

  7. The blooms are about the only thing going for them. The foliage is kinda subpar. But you take the good with the mediocre.

  8. My hibiscus has just begun to bloom, but nothing like those blooms. Do you know the variety? Stunningly beautiful!!!

  9. I love the hibiscus and have several in my garden.
    I've never seen any hibiscus bloom of 10"! That is just huge - That is just beautiful!
    Happy Gardening and Thanks for sharing
    Paula Jo

  10. Hibiscus moscheutos is hardy in zones 4-9 according my source. There are all kinds of other mallows and tropical hibiscus(es). My favorite is Hibiscus syriacus, also a hardy shrub but with smaller flowers, some double. I've seen hummingbirds on H. syriacus, are they attracted to the dinner plate ones?

  11. Yes they are so beautiful. I've posted hibiscus breeds several times also previously, and everytime i post many people like it. I guess hibiscus is a perennial favorite for most people.

  12. I have a Luna Blush hibiscus in a large pot on my deck. The blooms are AMAZING. I have collected seeds and hope to start another one to plant in the garden. This one has been hardy in the pot for six or seven years.


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