Under a White Blanket

Overnight, an arctic blast covered much of Georgia with snow. With a warm cup of coffee in hand, I took a peak out of the kitchen window toward the woodland garden. This is what I saw ...

We got about 7" and, it is still coming down, along with freezing rain.

Our puppies are 18 weeks old now and had so much fun frolicking in the snow. They played "catch me if you can" and merrily dug away.

While the kids and dogs were playing I took a walk around the garden. I found that so much was covered under a blanket of white snow that there wasn't much to photograph other than the landscape.

Fence around our fruit orchard ...

In the woodland garden...

My garden boxes, devoid of any vegetables at this time of year, only contain perennial herbs but they were completely covered by snow.

My Euphorbia was one of the few plants poking out of the layers snow. I think this one looks like a puffer fish.

Some of the Autumn Ferns, which are amazingly hardy, were still looking green.

My Agave was drowning in snow and will certainly have a lot of cold damage.

My Japanese Maple 'Sango Kaku' was showing its amazing coral bark. Regrettably, it was difficult to get the true color in a photograph with the low light available today.

My little girl Sasha decided to jump out at me from behind some trees.

The lot next door is still empty and undisturbed by development. This is great for the wildlife and I am sure allows me to have a more diverse representation of birds and mammals in my garden. I took a stroll next door and this is what I found. The Sumac still had its autumn fruit which was so stunning against the crisp white snow.

A young pine showed some magnificent greens and yellows.

And this weed's seeds just looked so picturesque covered in snow.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring but today was really special since snow here in Georgia is a rarity. I'm silently wishing for another day of school and business closings so I will have my husband and kids home for yet another day!


  1. Really nice snow images, especially the pups. But, your poor agave, so sad. You did get wonderful photos in the garden.

  2. Great photos!! I love the picture of the fence!! And that Euphorbia DOES look like a puffer fish! How cool is that! And I think you got a great shot of the Coral Bark maple. I never think the pictures do it justice either, but I think your picture is great. And I can just imagine your planter boxes filled with veggies! Looks like your dogs had a blast :-) Enjoy it while you can because I know it will go fast in your neck of the woods. We had a dusting in Texas but it was gone within hours. So no snowy pics here.

  3. Great shot !!! And your puppies are so cute.

  4. What a lovely time I've had looking through your photos! We've only got the cold and no snow here today. Your puppies are so sweet and adorable! Thanks for sharing your walk...

  5. GWGT, thank you! Come spring I will see what kind of damage was done to the agave. Normally I cover it when we are suppose to have frost/ice but I forgot this time.

    Thanks Toni for your kind words, we got some freezing rain overnight so it is looking like we may be snowed/iced in for a few days. It is rare to have snow on the ground here two days in a row!

    Ellada, thank you for visiting. The puppies are very playful and are growing so fast!

  6. Thank you Karin for you visit to my blog and your comments to my photo. Your have a great "eye" for details in photos and they look very good and strangey seasonal sonsidering you are in Georgia! Enjoy the snow! Great all the links you include, I'll return. Best, Lula

  7. Cat, thank you! It looks like we will be snowed in for a third day! We are having some crazy weather in the South. I've had my winter fix. I am ready for spring now.

    Lula, thanks for visiting and commenting on my photos. That means so much coming from you!

  8. You really found some beautiful things to photograph Karin! I love your garden boxes. I had some up north but not sure where to put them here. Limited sun for sure. Great job and just a treat to see the babies!!

  9. Thanks Eve! My husband built the garden boxes and we are lucky enough to have a large enough area in the backyard that gets 8 hours of sun. We are planning on adding a few more lower boxes this spring.

  10. Karin, Your photos are really lovely~The sumac photo is striking in it's beauty and simplicity! They are one of my favorite native trees. gail

  11. Very beautiful photos of the snow. The puppies sure seem to be enjoying themselves

  12. I have to agree with the puffer fish comment! I think that might be a new variety of euphorbia found only during snow storms! Fat silly puppies and a pile of snow - the best way to start the day! :o)

  13. Gail, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderful comment. The Sumac are especially lovely in the fall!

    Fer, the puppies had the most fun playing in their first snow!

    TS, I'm glad you could see the puffer fish too! And, the puppies are getting so big so fast!

  14. We've enjoyed our nearby snow, too! It's the most my daughter has ever had the chance to play in (and the most I've seen since I was her age). Your puppies are adorable and I love the seedhead image. :)

  15. You certainly got more snow than we did, and your snowy landscape is gorgeous. Has it melted yet? We still have patches here and there. Even though the sun finally came out today, the temps were still below freezing.

    Your puppies are adorable! I also like your shot of the 'puffer fish'. And your 'Sango Kaku' reminds me that I must find a spot to plant one of these. They are so beautiful.

  16. Appalachian Feet, my kids have had such a great time in the snow. They have had so much fun sledding. This is the most snow they have ever seen in their lives too! And, they think it is great that they are out of school for the entire week. It gives them a new appreciation for snow.

    Debsgarden, we still have snow on the ground. We have been house bound for 4 days because the roads are just too icy. Just crazy weather for the South! I am getting cabin fever now and am ready for Spring! I highly recommend the Sango Kaku. I only just put it in this year and it is amazing already.

  17. Your puppies are adorable. If they are anything like my dogs, I bet they don't mind the cold and snow. Have a great weekend. Jennifer

  18. Your photos are not what I think of when I envision Georgia in the winter. Here in suburban Philadelphia we are covered with our third or fourth snow fall. Unusual of late for us except for last year.

  19. I'm looking forward to following your blog! Look at all your land and beautiful property. Pretty photos of the snow and your dogs are soooooo cute!

  20. Jennifer, my puppies loved the snow and spent hours outside playing in it along with my kids. Since it is a rarity in our neck of the woods we take advantage when we have the chance. The kids had an entire week off of school.

    Carolynsshadegardens, we are more likely to get ice than snow during the winter here if anything. It does seem that our winters have gotten colder here lately. I'm not sure that some of my plants are going to survive this.

    Amy, thanks for following! You have a super blog too. And I love looking at all the native Texas plants that I can't grow here.

  21. Love your puppies in the snow. We just had flurries and the dog and cat didn't notice.

  22. Love your pups in the snow. They look to be having the time of their lives.


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