A Chihuly Kind of Day

It is just when mother nature gives us a tease of warm temperatures in the middle of winter that I really get spring fever. I am just itching to see those spring blooms and vivid colors in my garden again. To feed my soul I took a look back at my photographs from last summer's visit to the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Coincidentally they were celebrating their 15th Anniversary with a Dale Chihuly exhibit. I am a big fan of his work and I was first introduced to his series of exhibitions with botanical settings at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in 2004. I really love his organically shaped glass sculptures and how they work so well in the botanical environment.

These two pieces were on display in the Tropical Conservatory. They standout enough to make an artistic statement and yet they fit in with the tropical elements as if they are meant to be there.

A walk outside to the waterfall in the Sculpture Park revealed the Niijima Floats. They are very large glass balls which may be a little deceiving in this photograph since the waterfall is pretty large. They were stunning.

But then a walk over to The Goves and Hekman Pond took my breath away.

I could sit at the pond for the entire afternoon. It was so incredibly serene. There was just enough of a breeze so that the floats (Walla Wallas) danced in the rippling water and the willow branches swayed through the water making a lovely rustling sound.

The boat (Yellow Boat) was filled with various glass forms in wonderful greens and yellows with the occasional punch of purple.

The Blue Moon at Hekman Pond

 Around the corner from the pond were long cylindrical pieces (Reeds & Spears) littered on the hillside reaching for the sky.  The intense red against the hill of lush green grass was very dramatic.

Another bold statement is this tower (Citron Green and Red Tower) in front of the Conservatory.

In stark contrast these trumpets provide much softer feel and complimented the perennials well.

I think I have had my color fix and am now energized to continue my color choices for my landscape this year. But, spring still can't get here soon enough!


  1. I for one am glad you posted the glass sculpture. I like the art in the garden and living where every day is gray in winter, the shot of color is good for the soul.

  2. Those are great glass sculptures. Thank you for introducing me to the work of Chichuly. -- Bom / Plant Chaser

  3. Your post about this unusual sculptor and especially your very beautiful photographs that capture the pieces so well really brightened up my snowy winter morning. Thanks, Carolyn

  4. Great photos, and isn't it wonderful to visit botanical gardens across the country (and the world, if you're lucky)! Wondeful post!

  5. Fabulous pieces of art! I'm not familiar with this artist so your post is great exposure. I LOVE, love, love the balls positioned along the waterfall. Wonderful effect. All this color is perfect to see in January! I'm ready for spring too.

  6. I've never seen anything like these sculptures! They are fantastic and the colors so inspirational - thanks for posting your visit!

  7. What amazing sculptures, so vibrant and unusual.

  8. Good morning Karin, I saw this post on Blotanical and loved it. I happened to luck out last summer and saw Chihuly here in Nashville. What a treat for me so I wanted to enjoy your visit as well! I didn't know he was also exhibiting close to us as Georgia is not far away. In fact, my co-poster Skeeter lives in Georgia. What a wonderful state! And such wonderful pictures of your visit.

  9. I bet that was wonderful to see! They are all very unusual and I love the ones in the pond. I was looking through photos yesterday and dreaming of spring!

  10. Great stuff. The Franklin Conservatory in Columbus has a Chihuly display also. I also could sit and look at the colors all day. jim

  11. What amazingly beautiful glass artworks! I especially like the ones floating on the surface of the pond.

  12. I got to see a Chihuly exhibition when it was here in Buffalo years ago -- but was indoors. I am ever anxious to see his work displayed outdoors where it belongs. Your post just makes me yearn all the more...


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