Some Christmas Cheer

Yesterday I stopped in at a local nursery to
hunt through their 50% off pots when I came across a table of begonias. Begonias will forever remind me of my mother. When I was a child we always had begonias; either as indoor plants or during the summer months, outdoors in hanging baskets. Thus, I began to look at their fabulous selection and this stunning begonia caught my eye.

Rex Begonia

It has the most amazing foliage. The leaves are silvery green with a deep red that seems to sparkle and shimmer. The perfect Christmas color comb!

Upon closer inspection they are almost metallic looking. With their sparkle, color and curved edging they are an ornament unto themselves. 

The deep red and black veining is very intense. It somehow looks like ice cracking on a frozen lake.

The underside of the leaves is just as striking.

And when seen together the two sides of the foliage look like two completely different plants.

I couldn't leave the nursery without this beautiful begonia and now this lovely variety adorns our home and is bringing us much Christmas cheer. So from our house to yours we wish you a very happy Christmas filled with much hope and love.

With our eyes
we see the glitter
of Christmas,
with our ears
we hear the merriment,
with our hands
we touch the
tinsel-tied trinkets,
but only
with our hearts
can we feel
the miracle of it.



  1. I agree with you on this - begonias are perfect ornamental for this time of year. Ice cracking on a frozen lake is a lovely way of expressing what you see on the leaf :)

    Happy Christmas :)

  2. What beautiful foliage!! I'll have to keep my eyes out for this plant! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Wow, this begonia is stunning and your photos do it justice ! (oh, and so were the ones of your succulent in the next post).

    Have a wonderful Christmas and happy gardening (and photographing) in the New Year !

  4. The Rex begonia is a stunner. Wonderful pictures. Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. That rex begonia is beautiful! Love it!


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