A December Dawn

It is true, as a gardener I spend most of the year low to the ground digging in the dirt. My focus is on all things growing from the earth. Sure, I look up every once in a while to check the sky and see what the day will bring...spring rains, summer heat, fall winds. But come December when most all the plants have gone dormant for the winter I find myself lifting my head and looking up at the sky more frequently. This morning I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise coming up over the hill.

The oranges, pinks and purples lit up the sky.

And even the sun
in dawn chorus sings,
a celestial melody to the earth
-   Tjaden

And from the west side of my house the sun hit the trees so that they glowed as if they were on fire.

It certainly gave the illusion of warmth but taking a quick step outside proved otherwise. It was a crisp 22 degrees Fahrenheit. A tad chilly for this "southern" chic.


  1. They are gorgeous shots, and they do look warm.

  2. Spectacular photos!!! The one really does look like the trees are on fire! There is beauty all around us -- earth and sky!

  3. Gorgeous colours !! I'm usually not up for sunrise - you've captured a spectacular one.

    22F - phew, that's certainly a tad (or two) chilly!

  4. Sunrise is a part of the day I hope not to see. NOT a morning person! So I can enjoy your photos at second-hand.

  5. Very nice photos! I always like seeing the sunrise and sunset pictures this time of year.

  6. What gorgeous pictures. It looks like the sky is in flames behind the trees. So pretty.

  7. Very nice indeed! I try to admire the sunrise as I speed off to work, but don't always succeed. So it's wonderful to be able to see it twice today!!

  8. lovely..keep warm!

  9. Those are great shots!
    RE: 22F as a "tad chilly"? My a/c is set to 22C! LOL! -- Bom / Plant Chaser


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