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Youth Gardening

I am a believer that it is critical for children to get outside and be with nature everyday. Yes, even when it is raining or cold. I sent my kids out to hop in puddles, sing in the rain, jump in the leaves, run in the summer heat and learn how to enjoy the elements. The key is dressing warmly, drinking lots of water, remembering the sunscreen and bug spray and most importantly to respect nature and be observant.

One of my passions is educating children about gardening, wildlife and the natural wonders around us. I do this by volunteer teaching in schools, Scouts, home school groups and public education gardens. I am beginning a series of posts on growing children in the garden. Please join me on this exciting journey.

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  1. Hello Karen, My wife and I share the same interest of gardening and I of taking photos. Following a stroke and heart problems it's my grand-kids that I believe have helped turned my life around. The last 7 years I have spent at home and one day took a look in the mirror and gave myself a kick up the butt. Stop feeling sorry for myself and take up a hobby. I first ordered some plant plugs on line and with the help of my wife I started plant the garden . My two younger grandchildren soon joined in as soon as they could walk. We always watched them carefully being sure to they were wrapped up warm. I started checking the plants we purchased to make sure they were non-poisonous. With the flowers I started feeding the birds. Enjoyed watching them so much I combined my hobbies of the garden, bird watching and the camera always encouraging the grandchildren to help if they wanted too.
    Really makes children appreciate life and too enjoy it.
    They are lucky with their primary school as they have different clubs including a gardening one.
    Thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Cor! as I write this an owl has started hooting, the first time I have heard one in about 5


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