A Look At Colorado's Wide Open Spaces

I recently returned from the Mile High City (Denver, Colorado), where fellow garden bloggers gathered for our annual Garden Blogger Fling. Three days of touring high altitude, alpine-like gardens left me breathless. I have much to share with you but let me start by providing the backdrop for the gardens with a big picture look at the Colorado countryside.

Our base was downtown Denver with day visits to Fort Collins, Boulder and surrounding Denver suburbs. The views on the bus ride to our host gardens was a treat. Snow topped mountains in the distance with dramatic skies and scenic roads provided a picturesque backdrop.

The weather was auspiciously cooperative. More than a few times the sky began to rumble and look tumultuous. A few rain drops fell while we were commuting but blue skies and fluffy clouds greeted us when we got off the bus.

A rural girl at heart, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the landscape changed from urban to pastoral.

Our garden tours took place in the Colorado Piedmont area of the Great Plains region of Colorado. This area is sandwiched between the Front Range and the Southern Rocky Mountains.

Although the Denver area only gets an average 14 inches of rain a year we saw surprisingly lush landscapes and gardens in full bloom.

Cattle ranches and farms enjoy dreamy unobstructed views of the rugged landscape. This cultivated area is Colorado living at its best. Can you imagine waking up everyday to these views? The mountain range as your backyard providing an ever changing view and adventure.

These airplane shots of the Denver area provide examples of just how wide open this part of the country is.

In the coming months I will be sharing more on the public and private gardens we toured. Water wise concepts, crevice gardens and native plants were persistent themes in these remarkable gardens. A huge thank you to the organizers and sponsors of our Denver Fling. It was an amazing event and you can see glimpses of our trip on Instagram #gbfling2019 


  1. Great!! Time for me to get into action with a post!

  2. We were all quite taken by those huge skies and mountains. I don't think I've ever seen a Fling with so many photos taken out of the coach windows! You've taken some lovely photos :)

  3. The views were amazing, and you captured them beautifully! The weather was perfect, too! Looking forward to your future posts!

  4. I miss those wide open spaces....Beautiful photos. So good to see you. xoxo

  5. What amazing photos, Karin - you captured the overall feeling and surreal skies perfectly :)

  6. You captured that "wide open" feeling really well - I especially like the pics you took from the plane.


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