Another Helping Bella

One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts
 we can give to ourselves in this life,
 is allowing ourselves to be surprised.

A few weeks ago we were graced with a visitor on our back deck. Thirsty, skinny and desperate for companionship this puppy stood by our back door for an entire afternoon and well into the evening. Our dogs smudged noses with the puppy between the glass door and the puppy scratched to be let in. I was really hoping she would go back to her home but late that night she was still here.

Hi! Can I come in please?
I made her a comfortable bed in the garage and vowed to search for her owner in the morning. We took her to the vet to see if she had a micro chip and have her looked at. No micro chip to be found and other than being skinny (you could count her ribs with your fingers) she was fine. I proceeded to contact all the area vets, the Humane Societies in all the surrounding counties, Facebook, Craigslist, local grocery stores and post offices and left her photo and information. Do you know what kind of response we got?...

NONE. How disheartening! This sweet puppy was not wanted. My thought was that if I had a dog missing I would be searching high and low for him/her. So, after a week and a half, and no one claimed her we decided to keep her in our home. mean I can stay?!
After all, she gets along great with Sasha and Biscuit. She is still learning her place in the pack but that is normal stuff. 

Bella and Sasha

Bella and Biscuit

She plays beautifully with the kids too. And, is incredibly affectionate and oh so sweet!

We had her fully vetted and addressed some tummy trouble which the vet has sorted out now with special (read: expensive) dog food and some antibiotics. The vet estimates she is about 6 months old and boy does she have some big paws on her! 

She has fast become a member of our family.

Yippee! Kickin' my paws up to find new friends!
I never thought we would be owners of three [big] dogs but life is full of surprises and sometimes we just need to embrace the gifts that are put before us! Now, I just need to teach her not to eat the plants, dig in my pots or make holes in the ground...


  1. I love the story of Bella. What a lovely dog and you have captured her spirit beautifully in these photos. Bella is really lucky to wind up in such a great home, with dogs and children and people who care for her. Its a blessing indeed, for all involved. :)

  2. Aw, what a sweet story. She looks so happy playing with your family. Good for you!

  3. Bella is very fortunate to have found your wonderful family! Looks like she was meant to be with you all. This post made me smile.

  4. She is a doll. Funny how she picked your house. She could smell other dogs there and that made her feel safe and after all she was. Lovely photos.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. This is a very beautiful post and tells about you and your family, she looks really happy. A perfect story for the weekend, in our world we need for like this. Thanks you very much for sharing.

  6. She picked you out! My two cats did that to me and themselves became family - now long after the dogs are gone. Who says you can pick your friends, but not your family?

  7. I loved this post. Bella is one lucky dog! So great of you to take her in, of your other 2 dogs to accept her!

  8. Now there will be three dogs in your garden! Bella was smart. She knew a great home when she saw it. No wonder she remained persistently at the door.

  9. I'm so glad you kept her!! She looks like a rottie/shepherd/something fluffy mix, both of which are wonderful family dogs. Being a shep mix will help prevent her from bonding to one person only. She didn't just arrive. She was sent to you. :o)

  10. Wow! Great blessing for sure! And you are a blessing for her!!

  11. Oh what a very touching story, and it is so good for her to see people like you. She is blessed and you are too! It is very obvious that she knows intuitively which house she should stay with. Have you heard that they have very good intuitions, maybe they have strong ESP too! What a happy family, of dogs + people!

  12. What a very sweet post. She is so beautiful, and it is so clear she is loved. She must have known home when she found it.

  13. She will learn from you and obey to please you Karin because she knows she is loved....must be talk amongst the critters that yours is the house to go to when you need a loving family.

  14. She's beautiful, look at that face! Maybe you could direct the digging, and she can help you at planting time? ;) A few animals have found us over the years, and I've never regretted a single one. I always consider it to be fate. I hope you and Bella have many happy years together. I'll be curious to see how large she grows in the coming months!

  15. So good of you to bring this new puppy into your family. Sounds like she was abandoned. Very sweet!


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