The Spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis) is the most common wildflower in the Eastern United States. Typically found in meadows or woodland areas the flower has 3 petals with 6 stamen which bloom in the morning. If the sun gets too strong the blooms will close. The flower only blooms once and then dies but the good news is that each stem produces over 20 flowers that bloom at different times. The scientific name is named after John Tradescant, the gardener for King Charles I of England, who brought the seed to America from England.

The blue flowers really pop against the green, grass-like foliage. I have planted these in my woodland garden where they get some early morning sun and the blooms last all day. These plants were transplanted from my in-laws farm in Southern Mississippi last year. They have acclimated to the Georgia soil and are thriving in their new location and are continuously producing new flowers.


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