Wordless Wednesday: True Wisdom

True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by
~ Herb Gardner


  1. How true. And wisdom gives us the ability to differentiate what is something precious. Sometimes is is so small or sometimes it can not even be seen (a feeling or just knowing), yet it is precious none the less. So small, blue and delicate.

  2. Spiderwort is one of my favorites -beautiful photos. And I love that quote.

  3. Beautiful photos and quote! The garden is so inspiring in helping us see where the precious lies.

  4. A great reminder to spend time in nature, appreciating. I've been spending too much time online or in meetings lately. I particularly like the third photo - what a stunning blue and I like the fluff!

  5. I gravitate towards the blues and violets, so i love this post. Keep them coming.


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