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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a little rain can do...

We finally got some rain last week, about 3" worth, and it is raining again today! My plants are feeling much happier and it shows...

The white Cosmos is showing its cosmic beauty. The evenly placed petals gave it its name meaning harmony in Greek. It is also a great annual for our hot summers. It self seeds and the butterflies love them.

The Butterfly Ginger Lily (Hedychium 'Elizabeth') has just begun to bloom and it really brightens the woodland garden with its warm pink flowers and orange stamens. When you walk by you can smell their sweet fragrance which the pollinators also like.

This succulent (Aptenia cordifolia variegata) has tiny fringe flowers that open with sunshine! I love the variegated leaves too. I have this in my hanging basket where it gets good drainage and morning sun.

I hope you are enjoying lots of blooms in your garden.
Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. Stunning Photos. I really like the view from the back. Linked over from Macro Monday.

  2. Still wondering what a little rain would do around here...waiting. Actually we did get about 1/2 inch a week ago. It only dampened about the top 1/2 of soil and then it was bone dry below. But the cooler temps are helping. At least the water we do have is not evaporating instantly :-)

  3. The cosmos picture is beautiful. Pristine. I really need to plant some of these flowers in my garden. Congrats on the 3 inches of rain!!!

  4. Karin I love seeing flowers that are new to me...the lily and tiny pink flower are gorgeous...of course nothing beats cosmos in the garden!! It is in the 80s here so with the rain and heat, the garden is exceptionally happy....Happy Monday to you too!!!

  5. Lovely images of the white cosmo - such a graceful looking flower.

    Happy MM

  6. Beautiful shots of lovely Cosmos, and a couple of intriquing new plants for me - it's great to see what's growing in other parts of the country!

  7. I love the Cosmos! They grow well here during our "hot" Wisconsin summers, too. And even though we've had a very light frost, they're still producing now. Gorgeous, Karin!

  8. I've never seen the ginger lily before. Hmm ... Beautiful photos. I'm impressed with the detail on the white cosmos. I still struggle with photographing white flowers. I agree with the rain perking up the garden - what a difference. Same flowers, different garden!

  9. The cosmos are just beautiful. I have these in orange this summer but I've grown the pink before as well. Now looking at your white petals I'm thinking I should give this colour a try.

  10. Very nice photos, especially I like the first one.

    Regards and best wishes

  11. Your cosmos are so pretty. I love a little white flower!


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