Cherry Blossom Time

Every year I look forward to...

Cherry Blossom Time!

With the combination of warmer days, sunshine and a little rain my cherry trees burst into bloom this past week. 

The bees are very happy! As I walk up to the trees there is a lot of buzzing going on! There are hundreds of them on each tree flying from one blossom to the next.  The sun is shining, skies are blue, buds opening, bees buzzing and I am doing the happy dance!

There are twelve of these trees lining our property (we have a corner lot). Amazingly, the builder put these trees in (not your standard builder landscape tree of choice). The tags on the trees identified them as Kwanzan Cherry Trees. But Eve over at Sunny Side Up pointed out that Kwanzan have double blooms. Thank you Eve! So I did a little research and I believe that the trees were mislabeled and I have Okame Cherry Trees. The blooms are the same/similar color as the Kwanzan (vibrant pink) but the Okame are a single bloom variety and the earliest bloomers of all the cherry trees. This more accurately describes my trees.

None the less, the trees are gorgeous this time of year. The show only lasts about two weeks so we have to enjoy it while we can.

For my dear friends who are still under a blanket of snow I hope this brings a little sunshine to your part of the world. For my warm weather friends I am joining you in doing the happy spring dance!


  1. Cherry blossoms already. How lucky you are to have so many trees on your property, that must be quite the show to look forward to.

  2. Karin: Thanks for sharing! If spring is in full bloom for you, it can't be too far off for us northerners. I love the cherry blossoms! Enjoy!

  3. Cherry Blossoms are just very pretty. I think they are very special because the trees are covered with flowers and without leaves to block the view. We don't get them here. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. You had me jealous until I got to your last paragraph. You did bring a little sunshine my way. I always look forward to the cherry blossoms. Just have to patient here.

  5. Wow - gorgeous blooms, Karin ! I can smell them from here. Isn't spring the best season !

  6. Marguerite, this variety blooms very early. I won't complain; it is lovely to see a see of pink blooms!

    PlantPostings, yes hopefully your spring is right around the corner. I know that this time of year can bring on cabin fever.

    One, I am glad that I can share mine with you since they don't grow in your area.

    Donna, I hope your winter will end quickly. The good news is that we are into March and hopefully for you the snow will start melting soon!

    Thanks Rick! Spring is my favorite season so I do revel in it.

  7. have twelve of these beauties! We use to live in D.C. and I would love when all of the trees were in bloom. Beautiful post!!

  8. Beautiful photos, looks so fresh, almost summery.

  9. No sign of blooms on my cherry tree yet, but your Okame is very lovely! Originally I planted several weeping cherries, but only one survived — barely. If you want, you can search "We are Survivors" on my sidebar to read this tree's story. I do love the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms!

  10. I have a wonderful Yoshino cherry tree in my backyard that was put in by the builder. I look forward to its blooms every year. :o) We definitely got lucky, too!!

  11. I think the cherry trees in bloom are the most beautiful of all flowering trees in spring. They are so tempting in the stores, but they don't do so well with our heat (yes, I've tried!). I bet cars stop and stare with 12 trees all blooming! It must be a wonderful sight to see.

  12. Those sunlit cherry blossoms are so very beautiful! It makes another snowy winter day bearable.

  13. Thak you so much for sharing theses images with those of us who are still under grey skies and just little touches of color from the bulbs. I am so looking forward to the blossoms season!

  14. Thanks Amy, D.C. does provides a beautiful backdrop for all those cherry trees! I will hopefully do a post later in the month of Georgia's version of the cherry blossom. Stay tuned!

    Why I garden, thank you! I wish the blooms would last all summer but sadly they are gorgeous for only 2 weeks.

    Debsgarden, I am looking forward to seeing your weeping cherry in bloom. It is quite the survivor as are you! Congratulations!

    Casa Mariposa, builder surprise us sometimes by their "good" choices in landscaping! I look forward to seeing yours in bloom.

    HolleyGarden, we live in a quiet neighborhood in the country so we don't get too much traffic but the cars that do drive by, even my neighbor, do slow down to admire them.

    threedogsinagarden, I am so glad that I could make your winter pass a little faster! I hope your spring arrives soon!

    Lula, you are so sweet. I do hope your grey skies blow away and your blossom season begins very soon!

  15. Yes, it must be a little warmer where you live, LOL. We are still experiencing SNOW! Of all things, but the early crocus are up, of course now they are buried...LOL.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  16. Greetings from Southern California

    I added myself to follow your blog. I invite you to visit mine and follow me if you want too.

    God bless you :-)


  17. I love 'Okame'--very ornamental even after the flower petals fall off. Far superior to Kwanzan.

  18. these photos are just the thing Karin!! I CAN'T wait for my trees to bloom!!! I'm so glad you were able to find out more about your tree. I really don't know much about them having just moved to the south....did I say how much I love it down here!!! Thanks for mentioning me!!


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