While I was away ....mother nature will play

left side (includes purple heart, lantana, crepe myrtle)

I have been away from my garden for three weeks and Wow! what a lot can happen in a short time. With all the rain that fell during the first week the weeds went wild. Upon my return I spent two days trying to find my plants in my front flower bed. I dare say the plants are happier now that they don't have to compete with the weeds and I am sure my neighbors are pleased that it isn't such a jungle out there. As an afterthought I should have done a before and after shot to really appreciate the fruits of my labor but alas I was too anxious to get the work done beginning early in the morning before the heat and humidity got the better of me.

right side (yellow knock out roses, daisies, varieties of day lilies, bee balm & whirling gaura)

As a side note, these flower beds are in their infancy. We are still contemplating the entire design of the front entrance. I am not a fan of hollies or box woods and would like to pull them out and replace them with a patio/ and expand the stairs. On the left side the bed continues down the hill and we would like to install a retaining wall and walking path to access the side yard. Still all in the planning stages and will be a fall or next year project. Will keep you posted.


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