Seasonal Celebrations: Spring 2013

Spring officially arrives in 10 days. The first signs of spring are already here and spring fever is starting to set in. Anyone else getting the urge to clean and organize their homes and gardens? In keeping with the "10" theme I have compiled my top 10 things that I like best about spring.

10.  Mild temperatures
Pleasant temperatures makes eating meals on the patio a time to savor. It doesn't get much better than listening to the birds chirping, feeling the gentle spring breezes while surrounded by all the floral beauty. Plus it makes for great gardening weather.

  9. The return of the ruby-throated hummingbirds
(Although I will really miss the rufous when they depart.)
 We usually see our first ruby-throats in the garden by the end of March. It will be interesting this year because I have been told that if the rufous are still around they could chase the ruby-throats off.

Juvenile born last year

  8. Hitting the hiking trails
We live less than an hour from the mountains and I love to explore the trails for spring ephemerals like bloodroot, maypops and trillium.

bloodroot along a trail in the Appalachian Mountains

  7.  Dogwood blossoms
One of my favorite trees. I think blooming dogwoods in the woodland garden are simply stunning!

  6. Working in the garden in a T-shirt

my favorite gardening T

  5. Azaleas
What doesn't describe spring in the South better than azaleas?  

Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia

  4. The first butterfly sighting
Zebra swallowtails are typically the first butterflies we see in the garden in spring. They are particularly attracted to white blooms.

  3. Nesting birds
The joy of watching the birds building their nests and then discovering they have laid eggs is such a thrill. 
I hope the bluebirds will have better luck this year.

2. Sowing the vegetable garden
As the sunshine heats up the soil it will be time to plant the warm season crops. 
This year we will be growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, beans, melons, potatoes, and pumpkins. 

   1. Feeling warm dirt between my fingers and smelling the good rich soil

Life is Good

We all celebrate the season in our own unique way. I am joining Gardens Eye View for Seasonal Celebrations, the spring edition. What are you looking forward to most this Spring?


  1. Lovely photos. The Azaleas are beautiful as is that scene.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. All are wonderful happenings to anticipate joyfully! Especially #1! There's nothing like digging fingers into the moist, dark earth. Only gardeners really understand that joy! ;-) I know you will miss your Rufous, but hopefully he'll be back next year!

  3. Great list! What a gorgeous photo from Callaway Gardens, I love rhododendrons and azaleas, it's a bit early for those in my garden here in London yet, but we'll get there eventually!

  4. Your photos are always incredible. How gorgeous is the butterfly!
    As for trilliums, the white ones are the provincial flower here.

  5. Thanks Karin for joining in...this is a great list and very similar to mine....feeling soil, hummers, birds, butterflies and veg gardens oh my!!

  6. I agree on the South being the place for the Spring Azalea. It is such a beautiful site when they bloom in mass. I too love when the dogwoods bloom, it brings back memories from growing up in PA.

  7. Can't wait, though we don't have azaleas or very many flowering dogwoods. Love the birds nest and swallowtail photos.

  8. Yes, bring it on, I'm ready for Spring. You've captured it well.

  9. I am ready for spring though we had three days back into depp wwinter, but the weekend is going to be warmer and I will be preparing the seeds. Like your vegetables beds!

  10. Many of your top ten rank highly for me as well. I am so excited to see the hummingbirds, the butterflies, and the dogwood blossoms. After a long winter, spring is surely a gift. A great post!

  11. Hi there! I love your top 10 but I have a feeling those things happen in my area much later than where you are. They are still a part of Spring here but for mild temps, dogwood blooms, and first butterfly sightings it is still a couple of months more... darn, cold zone! I will have to settle for feeling soil between my fingers and watching nesting birds for awhile! Thanks for sharing your favorite things of Spring.

  12. My favorite things, too! We have seen more bluebirds than usual in our garden this year, and we are hoping for their success. And the dogwoods! Each day I am out, inspecting the swelling buds, looking forward to their woodland blooms. Happy Spring!


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