Some Red, White and Blue

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness.  You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.  
~Erma Bombeck

Happy Independence Day!

Fun fact: There have been 28 versions of the U.S. Flag to date. Our current one was designed after Alaska and Hawaii joined the union. The design was a result of a school project by Robert Heft when he was 17 years old. He got a B- on the project. However, when his pattern won the national competition to become the next flag his teacher raised his grade to an A!

Lets celebrate with color from the garden...



and BLUE

and some Pow and Kaboom
Hydrangea 'Fireworks'

Fireworks and parades have long been a staple of Independence Day celebrations. They were originally used as morale boosters for soldiers in the Revolutionary war. Of course back then the fireworks were actually explosives used in the war and were called rockets not fireworks.

Happy 235th Birthday America!


  1. Very nice choices for our holidays. Have a nice day tomorrow.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. That was a fun fact. I guess the teacher ate humble pie. You really got some very vibrant reds and blues. What is the blue butterfly? It looks like a Morpho.

  3. haha - I too thought that teacher must have felt silly giving him a B-! I've had teachers like that. Like your 'fireworks'. I haven't seen that hydrangea before.

  4. Thanks greggo, you too!

    Thank you Sunray gardening! Hope you have a splendid 4th!

    Donna/GWGT, the butterfly is a pipevine swallowtail. One of several swallowtails I see in our garden.

    HolleyGarden, that hydrangea is spectacular! I saw it on a garden walk this year. It is a must have for my "white and blue" garden that I am putting in this fall.

  5. Those photos are beautiful! What a perfect display for today! Happy 4th!

  6. I love the red, white, and blue theme! Thanks for sharing. And the Bombeck quote is a favorite, too. Happy 4th!

  7. I've never seen a pipevine swallowtail before. I thought for a minute you dyed it blue!

  8. Only a B-? That's hilarious. Obviously art is subjective!


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