Enjoing Spring...one bloom at a time

Alas, spring has officially arrived and everyday there is something new poking its head up from the soil.

The bleeding heart is beginning to unfold its heart shape blooms.


Someone mentioned to me that they look like chickens hanging on an assembly line. Fitting since I live near the "chicken capital of the USA"; but, that has forever changed my view of this bloom. I couldn't be in this thought alone so I had to pass it along to you.

The creeping begonia is leafing up and getting very green.

The spiders are more abundant in the garden. This little spider found a comfortable resting spot inside this Euphorbia bloom.

And this little one was crawling around the daffodils.
 These little common blue violets bloom randomly throughout the woodland garden. They are wildflowers and were part of this land before it was developed. According to my wildflower book the flowers can be candied and the leaves are high in vitamins and can be used in salads. I have never tried this but it sounds interesting.

One of my favorite shade plants, the hosta, is beginning to show its foliage. This particular one comes from my mother's garden in Michigan and is always the first one up.

I am enjoying each bloom and leaf as it arrives. Spring is very welcome in my garden.


  1. I popped in because a tufa lover said there was a warm spring welcome here and he was right. Really nice photos of spring bloom. The spiders too.

  2. The spiders must have arrived together with spring to keep pests away. I saw spiders in my garden enjoying small caterpillars or worms. Beautiful blooms.

  3. such lovely spring blooms to look at as I gaze upon the wet and soon to be white garden with snow up my way...

  4. Pass along plants suggested we drop by, and it was well worth stopping in.

    Wonderful to see the green of spring starting. Well maybe except for the spidies. Not my fav's even though I know they do good things.

    But the Hosta!!!!! Love it.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Karin, the hosta in my garden is beginning to show its foliage, too. I love to watch the leaves unfurl. The azaleas and dogwoods are also beginning to bloom. Spring seems to have come all at once!

  6. Karin - Did you have to share that chicken thought ?!

  7. GWGT, thank you you are very sweet!

    One, indeed all the insects and bugs seem to have arrived at once. I do enjoy watching them!

    Donna, I can't believe you are still getting snow! Spring just can't be far off for you.

    Jen, thanks so much for stopping in at Southern Meadows. I too love the hosta, well any shade plant really, but they are one of my favorites.

    Ginny, you are right, spring just blew in overnight! Our dogwoods have just started blooming. I love them!

    b-a-g, sorry! I just had to share that thought since I didn't want to be the only one looking at chickens when I saw the bleeding heart.

  8. I like your hosta. Beautiful colour variation. It's so nice getting to vicariously enjoy people's spring gardens. I love the experience of plants beginning to unfold and remembering favourites from a year ago. It's like a present each time.


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