Celebrating a special January bloom

Note to my Southern Meadows readers:
It has been almost two weeks since my last post. And it has been a frustrating two weeks to say the least. I had serious computer issues with a virus that invaded my computer.  Many attempts to restore my computer failed. The virus just didn't want to leave. Why do people do such ugly things???? Well, after much contemplating and researching we decided it was time I needed a new computer. After all I was working on an 8 year old machine (ancient in the world of technology). So now, I am armed with a new 'super fast' laptop (because what wouldn't seem fast compared to a prehistoric PC), a 22" monitor and external hard drive with 2TB to store all my photographs. I am still in the process of exploring my new computer and getting all my pictures organized again. But first things first....garden blogging. Oh how I have missed the garden blogging world. Fellow garden bloggers have been busy gardening, planning for spring, taking amazing photographs, and participating in very fun garden carnivals and photography contests. I have so much reading and commenting to catch up on. 

Here at Southern Meadows all the snow has melted and the landscape is back to its dull, winter neutrals and there just isn't much going on in the garden at the moment. So today I am celebrating a different type of bloom in my life. A bloom more beautiful than any I could grow outside in my garden.

my baby with his ice cream cake
My youngest son turns 7 today. He has an adventurous soul that is full of passion and curiosity. He brings so  much vibrant color and happiness into our lives and I am so blessed to be his mother.

So happy birthday to my sweet boy! May you continue to grow and blossom every year!


  1. What a cute boy!! Oh, do I feel your pain on the virus. I just spent the last week dealing with one myself. Quite a frustrating experience, to say the least! $600 later and many hours spent, all is fixed. I hope this does not happen to either of us again!!! Welcome back to blogging :-) Looks like you ended up getting a blessing out of a curse...a new computer is always fun :-)

  2. Oh I feel your pain on the computer. What a chore to try to restore then have to start fresh again. You son is a real cutie a real sweet bloom.

  3. I was missing your posts! So sorry about your computer, I do understand it because I was there three years ago. Take it slowly and enjoy your new gear! Many happy returns to the young man!!!

  4. Toni, oh don't you just hate those viruses! It seems no matter how much protection one has on the computer they still get in. And, it costs so much money to fix! That is why we decided just to buy a new one. I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

    GWGT, thank you! I am looking forward to catching up on all the blog posts I missed.

    Lula, I am so enjoying my new gear! It is so much faster than my old PC. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  5. How adorable is your son! This time in your life is the best :) Enjoy bonding with your new computer.


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