Hurricane Shoals

Hurricane Shoals is just down the road from our house near Maysville, Georgia. It is a wonderful park steeped in local history. The land was once considered to be neutral ground for the Creek and Cherokee Indians. A treaty proclaimed that the Yamacutah area was a sacred Holy Ground.

The Shoals are named after the water that goes whirling around one end of a solid rock dam built by the hand of nature, and then ripples over a series of miniature falls in such a way as to seem that one wave rolls or tumbles over another. Hence the name, which comes from the Cherokee word, YAMACUTAH, signifying to tumble.

There are all sorts of rock formation and shallow pools along with minature falls which are great fun for children and adults alike to play in. These remind me of an angel fish...

This weekend my family and I enjoyed a stroll through the park to take in all the fall foliage. The leaves are just beginning to change their color and the reds on the maples, yellow hickory leaves and orange sassafras leaves were stunning.

The ducks were even frolicking in the North Oconee River.

A wander through the covered bridge (one of only 21 remaining in Georgia) reveals a settlement of restored buildings found throughout Jackson County.

Silversmith Shed

beautiful stone work of the chimney from the Freeman Log Cabin (circa 1840)

Miles WIlson Matthews Chapel (built 1892)

Today the storms rolled in and all the sunshine reflecting on the leaves is a thing of the past. At least for the time being. It is cloudy, dreary and humid. But I will continue doing the happy rain dance because my plants at home are in dire need of a good drink and not one that comes from the garden hose.


  1. I see the angel fish!! Very cool :-) Looks like a wonderful fall outing. Much more color going on in Georgia than Texas. You must be quite a bit farther north than we are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  2. I love this post!!! The photos and words were beautiful and soothing. The only part of GA I'm slightly familar with is the Dahlonega/Appalachian area. Gorgeous! I'm glad I found your blog!

  3. This is such an enjoyable post. I love all the beautiful fall foliage, and, yes, I see the angel fish, too! I also like the wonderful pioneer architecture. My family could spend a great day at a place like this.

  4. Thanks you all for your lovely comments!
    Toni, I am in zone 7b not too much farther up from Dallas area but must be enough that we get the color change a little earlier than you.
    TS, thanks for following my blog! I will be adding more post from my garden in addition to trips so hopefully you will enjoy more of what Georgia has to offer. I appreciate your comments!
    Deb, it is a unique park and great family place. If you are ever in the area I recommend it!

  5. Those fall pictures are beautiful! And the water with all its little currents and waves looks so pretty.

  6. What great photos - I wish I shared your talent for photography! A very nice blog - I'm going to have to FAV you at Blotanical!!

    Keep up the good work!


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