Masters of Disguise

As I wandered around the garden today I saw several animals which were great masters of disguise.

First was the green anole (Anolis carolinensis) hiding in my spider plant. He blends in very well don't you think?

Then I found a toad cloaked on the hose reel.

And a very clever moth was camouflaged on a tree in the woodland garden.

What a wonderful gift Mother Nature has given these beautiful animals.


  1. I love these kind of posts too Karin! I just love the Gray Tree Frog! (I know the people in the south call all manner of frogs and toads just toads!)
    But your moth is a butterfly! It's a Morning Cloak. They are one of the first butterflies to come out in the spring. Late winter even!
    I had NO lizards up north...I just love them all!

  2. Thanks Eve, for the ID on the Morning Cloak. Sometimes it is so difficult to identify the butterflies and moths when they don't have their wings open. I am getting better as time goes on. It is beautiful!


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