This is my first blog post ever! I am starting with my summer project which was to put in a woodland garden in my backyard. It was a lot of work to say the least. Designing the bed layout, halling the rocks and then the fun part ... choosing all the plants. Some worked better than others. I tried to choose native plants that would be better adjusted to the climate, need less water and survive the bugs and rodents. Unfortunately, some of my azaelas and hostas were attacked by voles and rabbits and did not survive. I tried to incorporate the natural elements to the garden design. For example I planted a Columbine in a rotting stump (It has done extremely well there). I used some fallen trees as borders and a place for my boys to play.


  1. This area of your garden looks much improved since the last time I visited. What material did you use for the walking path. Wood chips?

  2. We haven't put down any material in the walking paths yet. It is on the to do list. I think we will put wood chips down. Right now it is the lovely Georgia clay. The beds are covered with mulch. So I think the wood chips will be a nice contrast to the dark mulch.


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